Goodbye 2007 (part 1)

Good bye 2007… Actually I don’t really like the word “good bye” last time someone said it to me, the it’s really good bye… huff… I prefer to say “See you” than “good bye” cos feel like, good bye is really good bye… there no chance to meet again…

But now, it’s really good bye to 2007. Cos 2007 would never be able to be met again, all that’s left just the memory, the history.  Therefore no “see you” for 2007 and other past years J and I welcome 2008 happily :).

So many things happen in 2007…hmm let’s try to reminisce it..(with the help of my diary :D)

January (일월)

Dream of “fallen teeth” came to my dream 😦 what a nitemare.. I hate this kinda dream, but no matter I hate it, it still appeared.. I start to scare the word dream…and change to the word wish… Cos beside those “fallen teeth” dream, there were sad and scary dreams to 😦

I used to greet with “hope all your wishes come true” instead “hope your dream come true” cos I was afraid with that word.

There were happy things too in this month..cos I could go to the “Ice world” @ ancol with my thesis’s friends… to celebrate our thesis completion (how I miss you galz :))

I still learn some Japanese words from some films :D… dunno why I used to like language… from our local language, and after I watched some movies, I was interested with Japanese language.. though I still couldn’t write, nor read.. I like to hear other languages (especially those who have specific alphabet :D). Kinda have curiosity in this things 😀

The Fulfilled Wish

Also… actually in 2006 I ever made a wish for my job things… about the salary :D.. and it was like I wished before hihihi… Thnx God…


February 2007 (이월)

Bad dreams still appeared… huff.. .i wondered when those dreams stopped 😦 the bad one, the sad one, the childish one, the selfish one…. Huff.. those dreams still filled my night…

For job things…. Finally it’s been a year I was in my position..Time walked so fast huh….

The First Time

In this was the first time to me to see K-Drama.. it was “wonderful life” (thnx to C Hen to introduce it :D) … (so late huh… actually around 2003 I ever saw my friends watched some K-Drama, but still not interested with those things)
But I still interested in learning (autodidact) Japanese, trying to memorize some common words but still can’t write it independently.. (huff.. what a sluggish process or what a difficult language yak :D)

This month also, the first time for me to blog ^^ (thnx to c Ceemot as the one who introduced me to this community… especially new friends :D.. so glad I could keep on writing till now)

Another first time that happened in this month … it was first classic performance that I didn’t feel sleepy hehehe…. How could??? Because it’s my bro’s recital… on the other hand, I was excited, lil bit nervous to see his recital… It was great, and I was so proud of him 🙂 After my bro’s recital, I felt so small compared with him… he was so talented like that, but I was still in the process to pursue for my dream…

I prayed one thing … G, in my heart I do really wanna go abroad to see new place to get new experiences..that’s my wish (still scare with the word dream)..
BUT… I gave my wish to You, cos I knew, what you’ve planned will be better. Just if by going abroad, I lose my faith, I lose my integrity, I lose my self… Please let close all the opportunity to go there.. Please don’t let me go.
(That’s what I’ve asked that time… cos I know I can’t be so selfish, nor close my eyes about what God plan)

After some thoughts, I moved from looking for a job, I was looking for study.. some scholarships and started to come to Education Fair with my friends (or sometime by myself). To come to Education Fair, opened up my mind about others university, so many subjects were offered. But I realized my family background, to achieve my wish, our economy condition wouldn’t able to fund me, so.. I looked for the full scholarship..
 To see the pictures from the handbook / flyer, encouraged me more to pursue my wish :D..

March 2007 (삼월)

Those “fallen teeth” dream still popped up in some nights 😦 huff…

Silly thing happened cos of my clumsy, I left my key’s room inside my room.. watta silly but funny lesson

I started to like watching some K-Dramas, and from here my mind was opened more.. Wow..Korea is a nice view country… I started to add this country to my dream country 😀 and I never imagine there’s such a place like that…

Beside that, I like to hear their language, though never understand it well, but I remember there was one song that I memorized before in 2004 (it’s because I am a girl from KISS). G to see it’s lyric so weird, but since I like the song (and the meaning) I tried to memorized it.

Something wow happened… I was offered for a training in OZ… OMG… I was so happy that day.. But then suddenly I reminded my self.. this thing still uncertain, better not to put a high hope on it..
(finally this thing was cancelled hihiih… thnx God I didn’t put a very high hope on it, so I didn’t disappointed because of it, cos I’ve reminded my self)

This month still filled with searching for the full scholarship :D, attended some education fair, and prepared for the TO*FL test, cos no matter what I chose, that’s one of the basic requirement to study abroad.

There were times I fell sick this month, n quite severe. Those time, I learned a lot, after felt lil better, I went to the roof, to see the starry sky, it was beautiful ^^.

And the March was closed with mom n me Bday (just 3 days after mom)… Watta happy day..especially when my colleagues came, gave me a surprise cake… So happy. .so blessed to have friends like them, I accepted some gifts 😀 watta happy….

The First Time

I started to take a FF this month 😀 it was interesting..


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