Goodbye 2007 (part 2)

April 2007 (사월)

After prepare for the TOE*L, this month was the time for taking it.. Thnx G, it didn’t below the requirement.
Mostly this month I prepared to apply the AM*N*F (include the scary lab test = =’)

End of this month, means something too, I just could believe, it’s been so long since that day… But, I’ve promised my self I’ll made improvement, though still not fully recovery.

I started to have interest on Korean Language, but I still confused how could someone differ it from other language..Cos I still couldn’t differ whether it’s Japanese / Korean Song…
One of my friend said, why don’t you learn Korean, it might be easier than Japanese (which has hiragana, katakana and – the most frighten one – kanji… no offense ci wil :D). From hear I started to have curiosity in it. And asked my friend, who went to Sing, to buy a Korean Phrasebook from LP (cos I’ve seen her, and it’s quite interesting), I also asked for the Japanese Book 😀

The dreams… it still appeared 😦 especially the fallen teeth… but the frequent was less than before.. Thnx G… I kept on wonder, why this dream should appeared..and when will it ended..

The First Time

Finally I could have Saturday off from this month… what a happy to hear that info.. ^^ I used to have FF when I had Saturday off ^^

May 2007 (오월)

A new diary accompanied me, since I’ve reach the end of the previous book ^^…  (I just felt so blessed I have chance to write in my though in it, cos it proved my progress, my stupidity, my existence, my life)

Interesting recreation with colleagues was on this month.. Though the place (room) wasn’t great, but it was good enough.. we played a lot and I was happy to get crazy with friends 😀

Something unimaginable happened in this month.. made me shocked and shivered my hand.. messed up my mind for a while… but with the help of the friends and time, it got better and better to me 😀

I watched K-Drama and some movies more often 😀 and I liked it… and to support my study I take a note from the film 😀

The First Time

I started to learn Hangeul (한글) from the books, the internets.. Hey it’s so interesting.. so I started to write some words with it and explored it 😀


June 2007 (유월)

What a blessed month, cos He turned my anxiety into reassurance :D.. I experienced it when I was in the middle of concert preparation… I had to go to Gading by myself… Wonderful experience 😀

Beside the concert that ran well, I was so blessed too, cos the competition, which I involved as the committee in it, finally done… well though I didn’t participate a lot (not as much as others), but it quite time consuming 😀

Not many things happened for in this month..


July 2007 (칠월)

July…the month that left a memories…but let all the memories being kept in my life as the lesson that I should take ^^

It was an exciting month…. Cos in this month there was graduation ceremony.. (finally..16months of study… finished well.. though not perfect, but I didn’t regret it…so many things I’ve got ^^)

Moreover, for this event, all the family members were here… this thing doubled my happiness :D, some congratulations came, though it seemed small, but I was really made me happy, there were friends who care for me… Thnx pal 😀

Another happy time was I went to Dufan with my friends and new friends (I met another martha in this world 😀 hihihi) … this was really really great… after so long time :D.. I could play to Dufan… had a dinner with friends.. so happy ^^ (though I missed the precious moment when last time I went to Ancol…)

I still learn the Hangeul and some common words… I got confuse with the structure, but keep on learning cos I really interested in it…(moreover, it’s 4 season country huahuahua)

The First Time

Finally…. I achieved my target in swim in FF 😀 hmm kinda weird, but I’m a person who like to challenge myself and set my target…
So happy when I reached it…though it was tiring, but it was interesting…swim swim and swim.. (how I miss that moment :D)


August 2007 (팔월)

Another competition was held in this month…and I did really really relief when it’s done, cos this time, I was more in charge for the competition… Prepared the case and blabla..  At least one case had finish :D..

The rehearsal for the “Magnificat” concert was more intensive… But it was a blessing to be part of it 😀

Though this was a hectic month… cos there was a time when I had to substitute for my boss role in the meeting… but I was grateful, cos without that under pressure moment, I won’t be tough…
Working under pressure (especially under very limited time) is good, but I wish it won’t be too often 😀

The First Time

It’s my first time to see Korean community… and it encourage me to learn it more and more… (in line with that, the Japanese lesson was forgotten..)
And finally I enrolled for the Korean course that will be started on Sept

September 2007 (구월)

The Dream…. By the time it started to fade away… and I was so thankful for that… cos I really hate “fallen teeth” dream 😦 felt bad 😦

This month, my friend told me about scholarship in Korea… she gave me the link.. Hohoho… I explored it deeply.. I did enjoy the preparation of applying scholarship.. it meant I had to study again, complete some documents, prepare here and that… so great 😀

The First Time

Finally I started my first Korean Lesson…. Thnk G I’ve learn some before it, so I could catch it up.. and my interest to Korean was get more and more… I really wished I could see this country 😀


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