Goodbye 2007 (part 3)

October 2007 (십월)

Lot of worries and shiver feeling happened this month.. it did took time to rearrange the puzzling thing… Just let the time answer… since God had answer for my pray quickly in unimagined way…

Beside unexpected thing that happen… there was also a happy things :D… Korean Lesson ran well… The TOEIC test ran smoothly.. And finally I sent the application to the Korea… every day I opened the web to check whether it’s already arrived there or not… Dag Dig Dug ^^ …

The First Time

My trip with friends to the islands… OMG… it was really really really wonderful, exciting.. amazing… ^^ Hard to express it with words, but it was a unforgettable one for me… To see the sea, clouds, stars, sea view, beach…Play with friends… Wonderful.. what a blessing holiday 😀

Finally I got letter from AMI**F :D… the point was… I wasn’t able to fulfill the standard for the scholarship and the univ I applied :D… well lil bit sad.. BUT didn’t disappoint because of it.. May be cos I’ve found new place to pursue hihii.. (I realized my capability still need to be improved a lot)

November 2007 (십일월)

Another quick answer from God for my childish pray… it used to be like that… when I prayed childishly, God answered me quickly in a way that I never predict…and I used to be stun a while…

I still filled with questions bout the scholarship.. but..I knew, I had to be patient and I still pray with the same prayer… Just if this thing would make be worse… just please close the door… cos I didn’t know what wait me in the future, but I knew who hold my future… That’s what I kept in my heart.

By the time the curiosity bout the scholar fade away, cos my friend told me the announcement will be around Jan… so I just have to wait patiently

It’s kinda hectic month (again), cos my boss had to go for a while for other things… meanssssss…. Another challenge wait ahead… Plus the rehearsal for the Dec concert was going crazy = =’
(But I do thank God for this time…it really made me have to struggle, and I realized I couldn’t loss that spirit of struggle, working under pressure like that…once more remind me to give my best to be better and better)

December 2007(십이월)

Hmmm this month… for this year.. this month was so special… so many blessing things happen… till I out of my word to describe it…

Besides the flu that still bother me (till now), the rest were amazing 😀

The Korean course had ended…and the result was perfect glad to hear it…

Plus finally i have digicam again (bought a new one)…. and the plan to buy new mobile phone was canceled :D..

Dec 11th hard to forget what happen… cos it made me stun quite long… confused to difference was it dream or not… I asked some friends to convince me… to wake me up if it was a dream… G… I really couldn’t stop smiling that day…

I received an email that said that I was accepted for the scholar in that country… And the will send some documents to my mailing address…
한국에 갈거에요….정말 행복해요

Also the Xmas celeb in the Simprug ran well…fyuh.. finally…

Dec 22nd and 23rd I’ve wrote about how the concert was blessed greatly… it’s a rare chance

Xmas service in church ran smoothly too…

Dec 27th the documents arrived…

Dec 31st ..finally for the first time… I saw so many fireworks :D.. I saw it from the roof by myself 😀 I wore a jacket since it was raining outside (light rain)… the old and new fireworks from some places were seen… alone in the roof… so glad to see it… perfect.
Plus there was a good new that finally made me close one big case in my life… and the book decided to be closed by today 😀

What a perfect closing of the year… I would never imagine all of it might happen in just one month :D…


4 thoughts on “Goodbye 2007 (part 3)

  1. ahaa… finally u publish it ^^ (or already, but I didn’t notice it??)

    I received an email that said that I was accepted for the scholar in that country…

    once again congratulation for u… big leap..big hope… n now it’s all in your hand… 🙂




    *maap capslock semua.. bener2 sambil tereak dalam hati soalnya.. “:D*

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