Resolutions in 2008

Actually some resolutions had changed from what I’ve thought before, since a great thing had happened in 2007, which this is one of 2008 resolution before…

So, 2008 resolution will be filled lot of new challenging things…

Wokeh..let start to make a list :D…

1.      Dad’s eye get better… wish it could be treated fast and well…

2.      Save more money to fund all the preparation… (wanna fund it with my own money :D.. I wish I could ^^…even if I borrow from mom n dad, I’ll give it back…)

3.      (short term) all the administrative preparation run well.. (since I never go abroad, it will be the first time to take care of all these things… :D)

4.      (short term) non administrative things can be packed well, nothing’s left ^^

5.      Everything relate with it run well… at least arrive there safely

6.      Saving saving and saving !!! it is a must !!! ( since current saving will be depleted with the preparation hihihi)

7.      Playing with snow ^^ (fun fun thing :D)

8.      Well adjustment to new season…

9.      Well adjustment to new culture, environment

10.  Attend my bro’s wedding, and hope all the process runs well 🙂

11.  Able to speak with the natives, at least 75% able to hear and answer standard conversation… plus faster written in Hangeul 😀 

12.  Able to study well (I do really wish there won’t be grade C ^^)  – gotta give the best for it –

13.  Visit some new places, not just stuck in campus area… (and take some pictures of courseeee ^^)

14.  Fund my parents to visit me, (if it’s possible, enjoying the white xmas together) hohoho.. =>  the biggest wish 😀

Err..still can’t imagine what will be happen… though this dream felt so near…right in front of me… I keep leave a space for the worst case… gotta ready for that 😀

2008…it’s gonna be a tough year, but I’ll face all the hardships ahead.
Here I come, welcome you with faith, joy, new hope…



8 thoughts on “Resolutions in 2008

  1. Aih sapakah gerangan 7ustm3_2 itu (fanss gelap gua kali ya haha…) whoever it is… makasi de :p

    @ ci wil
    Iyah… ntar disampein ke koko… (walopun ini masi bingung tanggalnya neh… ) tapi i mah update2 berita n tunggu panggilan pulang ajah hehhe (aih aih udah berasumsi di negeri sebrang gituh :p)

    Amin… 😀

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