Visa Preparation

Photo -> done (just printed it today…since all the 4×6 photos just out of stock)

Info -> done (just received the fax from the Embassy)

for scholarship it is D-2 visa…

money… it supposed to be around Rp 480.000 (for visa >90days)…
hope i’m not wrong, but prepare some money for it la…

Place…. Just searched it..and found it ^^ at least i could imagine where it is 😀 (at least it’s not too far from my place)


Hmm still think of it… may be i’ll take an “ojek” since it could be faster ^^
Visa application will be accepted on 09.00 – 12.00 (before lunch) only… it should be enough time…

Don’t forget (for tmrw)

Passport and the copy
Certificate and the copy
Certificate of Admission (make sure copy it and put it at home… so if there’s something, there’s still a copy of it)

My friend told me, it’s enough… And wish everything run well

If everything is fine… It should be take 3 days (or more – wish it won’t- ) for the process…



* update info *

Thnx G everything ran well… It took 1.30minutes to finish it all…
20 mins to the place (by ojek 25rb)
+40 mins filled the form and bla bla (288rb for 90days single entry visa)
+30 mins back (by taxi 30rb)

It wasn’t as long as I imagined… And the process quite fast (nice service)…

It takes 3 days for the process…

Well..let’s wait till Jan 11, whether my application will be accepted or not [-o<


6 thoughts on “Visa Preparation

  1. @ ci wil
    Hohoho makaci ciii will…. d’oh ini udah ngimpi2 de… ketemu ci wil dkk in seoul or in tokyooo….. [-o<

    @ ci Olla…
    Makaci juga ci ^^
    Hehehe rencananya si skul skul ci 😀 *tersirat dibaliknya, jalan2 juga huahuahua *

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