Gotta Study Hard

When i went to the embassy yesterday…

* clingak clinguk *

Asked some people where’s the place to apply the visa…

* went to the pointed place *

Lil bit confused about what should i do… Took the queue number… ( number 8 ) then took a sit…

Some people brought their documents and filled visa form… Hohoho.. mine was still empty, since i lil bit doubt to fill it up…
So i asked the security there, and he showed me the table with many examples to fill in the form….

* form filled – done *
Time to wait for a while…

There was a tv showed Korean clip…. – dunno what the song was –
Also there was a news ticker in the bottom of the screen…. Huaa… all the한글 (read : sapu lidi based on ci wil’s opinion ^^) were running there… – glek –

My turn… number 8…

Gave the officer the filled form (plus my cute photo ^^ ) , supported documents :
– passport (ori n copy)
– letter of acceptance (ori n copy)
– certificate of admission (ori n copy)
– latest certificates of study (legalized copy)

While the officer were checking my documents, the counter beside me was Korean officer that gave service to Korean….

OMG…they talked so fast….
“bip bip bip… bip bip bip… Ye (which means yes) …..bip bip bip… “
and the last conversation closed with
“감사 합니다” (read : kamsa hamnida) which means “thank you”

Huaaa…was that the condition that i will face….

:-SS…. huaa…why did they speak so fast = =’…

Gotta study harder to catch it up… huff huff…at least gotta understand some bips that still out of my head what were those words ^^…
(though the study will be given in English…but if i want to live there…have to know all the bips :D)

Feels like an elementary student who start to learn how to read and spell :D… since i still can’t read the 한글 fast…

Hmmm i think some of (going-to) holidays at home, will be filled with watching K-Movie / Drama xixixix…. (may be my mom will like it =)) )

Study study study!!!



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