Plan B

” Ta, i think you should reschedule the doctor for today… Dad wont come to Jkt today, cos dad got stomach ache”

* boing *
Lil bit sad to hear that…

So i rescheduled dad’s appointment… No problem with it…
Thnx G, the doc still avail in this week…

Then call home… mom said dad used to have that when he’s too tired 😦 and may take 1 – 2 days to recover…
Wish everything will be fine…

But i just see something good in it (Plan B), since i’ve registered dad on Thursday, it means mom n bro already here….
So mom can accompany dad to the doc too…
(Just feel better if mom could accompany him, rather than me or others….)

Just take all the good side… ^^

Will there be Plan C??? Still dunno… just keep wish for the best ^^

Get well soon dad ^^ See u tmrw ^^

Huff…dunno what…. i feel lil bit tired since Sunday 😦
And now… i’m soooooooooo sleepy.. (:|
Time to go back n sleep… (OMG it’s 7pm and i’m soooo sleepy)

*Yeah.. 1 luggage already done…while lots of things still wait patiently to be packed.*


3 thoughts on “Plan B

  1. @ san
    Haik…siap laksanakan 😀

    @ c ceemot
    Huuf…iyah..semalem tepar sampe kos (kayak abis minum obat bobo aja = =’)

    Kayaknya next week mah tetep balik ci… mungkin papa n 1 orang lagi yang masi di sini… kalo emang kudu extend sih..
    Next month bakal nongol lagi kok, jangan kangen ya huahuaua :p

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