Dad’s Check Up – First Step

Kinda happy for today, cos finally i could accompany dad to the doctor…

To see him at TA (i picked him in TA) made me soo glad 🙂

Today, we went to Klinik Mata Nusantara @ Kb. Jeruk… From the first time I registered for dad, they quite friendly..
And when i arrived there, the places was good, friendly staff.
The waiting room was good… quite comfy 🙂
At first i knew this place from my aunt. Then i checked it on the net..
One thing made me sure…they have diabetes (DM) clinic too…since my dad’s eye relate with dm, so i prefer clinic that has DM center too.

There were some checks that dad did

  1. Computerized check..
    It’s to check global condition like minus, plus, cylinder condition. Plus to check eye’s pressure (wow…not only blood that has a pressure hihihi..eye has it too :D)
  2. Sight check
    It’s what we used to see in Clinic…they put some glasses and asked us to read some alphabet and number in different size…
    The result… not good..especially his left eye…
  3. They gave a eye drops called “mydriacyl” to enlarge the pupil, so the doc can see it clearly
    ( suddenly remembered biology session in high school… eye consist of..bla bla bla )
  4. Photo session
    (oit not narcist thing ^^)
    They took pictures of his eyes… a very detail ones… * wow * what a colurful pictures… but not a good one = =’ there were some spots showed bleeding in his retina…

In the second step…

Actually this step made me lil bit sad… to know that dad couldn’t read – the thing that i could read normally – it made me sad, wish it could be better… It’s just sad to see our loved one was sick.
But no worries…everything will be better ^^

After 4 steps of checking… we went to the doctor (in the 2nd floor)

After couple of minutes (quite long) waiting… then came our turn… (me, dad n aunt)…

Diagnosis :
A. Right Eye

quite normal, but there were some bleedings too, but the sight still 100%… if it didn’t fixed…it could be worse…
Solution : Laser…


Some people might think laser could stop the bleeding, and improve the sight….

The real is :

Laser just stop the current bleeding that caused by the DM… it might decrease the sight (became 90%)… but… it will retain…
If we don’t want to do the laser. The sight might be 100% like now, but gradually will decrease (it’s for sure for all DM patient) to the lower percentage and worse condition.. (that need a surgery to fix it)

Laser is just 10minutes.. and the fee : 2,350,000…

Suggestion : better take the laser to stop the bleeding, before it gets worse and need the surgery.

After the laser, the bleeding might occur, but in different spot.
The bleeding is not caused by the laser, but by the DM… So the laser just help the patient for not getting worse.

B. Left Eye

From the photo could be see… the result was bad.
There’s a severe bleeding in the left eye, no wonder dad can’t see normally with the left…

If his right eye was closed, he couldn’t see a thing that’s right in front of him, but he can see a thing diagonally.
Which means (if we see the eye horizontally) inner part (from the center of the left eye to the nose) was broken, but the outer part still good.

This thing is called “Ablasio Retina” the doctor gave the animation to explain it in detail.

Percentage of the sight is just 16%… It’s been in the Fifth Grade (from 5) level of damage.

Solution : Surgery
Fee : around 23 mio (plus remove the “katarak”) * expensive huh… *

After surgery it’s percentage could be 30-40% … (much better than before)

– End of diagnosis –

Wow… to see something like this opened my mind… it’s been very sophisticated… They could analyze in detail like that… plus they could “playing” with the like that…

Dad’s left eye became like that, because of the bleeding that caused by DM is been soooo long, so it became worse…
Remember, like the biology teacher said….
Retina is bla bla bla
The bleeding made kinda hole in retina that made the liquid filled the space behind the retina (between the retina and the choroid i guess… ). This what made dad can’t see clearly…

The surgery will absorb the liquid, and put the retina back in it’s place…

Well we haven’t decided what’s the next step.. But tmrw we will gather to discuss it ^^
yup.. mom n bro will come…

– End of short lesson about Retinopati Diabetika

So many new word for today 😀 and lot of things i learned through it.. .Thx God…

If there’s anyone who ever experienced it (the surgery), i would be very glad to know more
If there’s anyone who in the mid of it (eye’s prob bcoz of DM), hope this could be help to add some information (since I feel it’s really helpful to me)

For those who have DM, better check your eyes regularly, before it gets worse…
At the first phase, laser could fix the bleeding retina…but if it’s worse… it would need surgery to cure it.

Well…the doctor in Jkt is not bad looo… Jkt quite famous for the doctor for this thing (eye’s specialist relate with DM)

Keep hope for the best, and keep do the best.
For God never plan a bad thing to us 🙂

Another info bout this thing.. click here


10 thoughts on “Dad’s Check Up – First Step

  1. tata, papa aku juga pernah operasi mata krn katarak di klinik Nusantara. But Unfortunately, it was not properly done, so they have to do the second operation. Quite dissappointed sih. Tapi di lihat dr service nya memang ok kok, cukup bertanggung jawab.

    Hope they will cured your dad’s eyes ya ta..
    keep praying 🙂

  2. about your dad ? that’s dibetes..make me dazed and confused cos as a doctor i couldn’t stop the process even we’ve given all methode…. hope there is no worsening in his last eye…keep check blood glucose and his eyes.

  3. @ c Angel
    Thank you ci… second operation itu maksudnya gmn ci ?

    @ hnerviadi
    Thank you so much for drop by. And thank you for your article, it really help me a lot.
    Today he will have a laser on his right eye, to stop for getting worse (like his left eye), the nurse said it is “argon laser” to stop the bleeding
    …and we will schedule for the surgery for the left eye (to clean up the membran – that’s what doc said).. may be next week..

    Keep hope for the best ^^
    Thank you.

  4. Praying for the success of today’s laser and also the next week surgery. In your hectic preparation days, I believe you can manage your time well : accompanying dad, assist brother’s wedding. Good luck gal!

  5. @ vteng
    Thank you ^^

    @ ci sakura
    Makaciii ci wil… thnx God one by one da beres amazingly…
    Hebat juga yang di Atas ngasinya barengan gitu semoga…jadi bisa belajar managed lebih lagi….

  6. Hi. My name is Yuliana. I am looking for information about Klinik Mata Nusantara and its doctors. Your dad sama dr siapa ya? Aku pengen LASIK, tapi ga tahu dokter yang direkomendasikan.

    How was your dad’s experience operasi di sana? Sudah belum ya? Will you please kindly enough to share your experience with KMN with me and send it to my email?

    Thanks, tata!


  7. Hi, Yuliana,
    sorry banget baru reply lagi…

    Kemaren papa dengan Dokter Eko, karena dia bagus di bagian retina. Tapi untuk LASIK mungkin ada dokter ahli lainnya

    Papa jadinya ga operasi, karena kendala jantung sih, tapi kemaren ada pengalaman laser di sana.
    I’ll send it to your email now ^^
    * hope it won’t be too late *

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