Dad’s Check Up – Laser Time

Finally mom n bro came on Thursday…and since dad already like the first doctor, we decided not to go to the 2nd option…
Cos it’s quite far… and first impression in KMN was good… So I cancelled the registration in 2nd doc.

I had to go to my friend’s bday dinner on Thursday night, dad had to go to have laser… and mom n bro already came on Thursday.. .What a perfect arrangement ^^ Thnx God…
I could go to my friend’s dinner, and dad still could have the laser 🙂

The dinner ran well

Mom said dad got 750 shots *wow* what a sophisticated technology, they shot a laser to dad’s retina to seal the bleeding spot… this process called “argon laser”
It cost around 1.7 in KMN

After that dad took several tests to prepare for the next Wednesday’s (Jan 23rd) surgery…
Yup finally we decided to have a surgery for dad… cos if we didn’t do it, the left eye might get worse…

BUT… the post surgery still couldn’t be fixed… it’s all depend on the condition…

If everything run well…means the retina can be placed easily, then he could be home in 1 week (Jan 30)
But, if gas is needed to push the retina back to its place, then…. It might need 4 – 6 weeks in jkt and it’s not allowed to have a flight in that period of time.

To me… of course I do really wish everything run well, I wish that retina could placed properly easily (for the doctor) so no gas is needed during the operation…
The consequence is… I can meet them (mom n dad) just for 1 day (cos I’ll be back to Jkt on Jan 31st)

On Monday, dad will have additional tests for anesthetic.. to decided should he has a total anesthesia or a local one… cos he has heart problem too…

DM oh DM… just from one thing, could spread to other things… what a DM…


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