Plan B slowly to C


After went to the Me*A AN*GR*K hotel… to do the check in for mom n bro… my (new) friend informed me, that he got ticket $39* to incheon… direct flight from JKT….

OMG…. So far, the cheapest ticket I got was $46* (which already pass the time limit = =’) from Dps (cos GIA’s flight from Jkt will transit in Dps too)
more than $50…. * cring cring cring *

I asked my friend to book me in…


He informed me that I was in the waiting list for that ticket…

* lack of sleep day…since I prepare all the luggage in one day…. What a bad me = =’ *

Saturday (my departure day)

I was informed that I got the ticket… and I have to fax them the visa to close the transaction…
About the payment….. hmmm I asked for a help from my boss (thnx boss ^^)… to accept the ticket, and pay for it in advance… (no matter the rate on Monday)

So…it’s been decided… I’m going to go from Jkt on Feb 13th….

I only have 1 – 2 days to meet mom n dad… ( I wish dad’s operation ran well)

Finally, I went home with bro… while mom n dad were in Jkt…
Really feel like cat n dog… but… I let’s try to look up the bright side 😀

  1. Dad’s operation will run well…
  2. I have lot of chances to do house work (things that I didn’t do for year…)
  3. I have a chance to be more independent at home, instead of having a leisure time doing nothing… 

This gonna be great holiday…plus preparation to be more independent :D… At home just bro n me :D.. can’t wait to see old friends too ^^

Still dunno what plan will change ahead… but step by step He will guide me and all I can do just obey.


4 thoughts on “Plan B slowly to C

  1. Hello, Tata, kinda lonely here with out the Pooh 😛
    Hope that your dad will be fine, and all your prep for Seoul will be just great ! Enjoy the holidays at home sweet home, and be exciting about the journey of your life…..Seoul is waiting for you, girl ! Remember to be greatful of everything that has happen in your life and be optimist about what lies ahead. God bless !

  2. @ anung..
    tik tok tik tok…
    sekarang counting days buat balik Jkt huehuehue
    trus lanjut buat ke negeri sebrang hihihi
    ga rela balik lagi neh hahaa

    @ c Hen
    Makaci ciciiii…. daku juga kangen kampus hihi…tapi hepi di sini juga hahaha…seandainya ada cloning :p
    Hohoho..sing a song WTP ci hohoh…

    @ Ci Viol
    Makaci jugaa…
    iyah…tambah item ni ci = =’

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