Take the right side

Yup… don’t forget to take the right side…

Hmmm kinda lucky to be born in a family that love nature so much 😀 … Mom ever told me, to take the correct side when we have a flight from Java to Bali…

When my bro n I ready to on board… I asked him which side should we take to get a nice view on our way back… since we forgot where was it…we take the right seat instead of left…

And the result was…. Yups… we saw gorgeous view from the plane… a view that hard to forget…

Let’s see it ^^ (how I love my cam 😀 n luckily my window didn’t too bad… ^^ )

At first, the scene was how crowded Jkt is…


And slowly the mountain was seen… with the cloud around it…and city view on below (don’t ask me what is the name of the mountain …^^ of course I don’t know :D)


and the next views were amazing… I never see something like that before ^^
the land, the cloud, the sun.. what a perfect combination 😀 and it seems like a roadway to somewhere ^^


to see a fluffy clouds… aaa it was soooo great 😀


feels like wanna bumping on it… * silly thought hihihi*


Beside their fluffy view… it seems like they could also formed like a plain..that covered with snow


the combination fluffy could, dark cloud, snowy cloud… amazed me in someway…


Plus additional ray of light…


Floating cloud … what a lovely cloud


Above the cloud made me feel like I was walking on it…


And by the time, the sun stared to set… the color… what a beautiful one… and this what I like the most (become current desktop hihi)


what a wonderful flight on the evening… and luckily I was able to capture the moment ^^ And on my way back..mom told me to take the right side of seat again… hmm let see it on Thursday 😀

Hohoho…. Right after it was landed… the sky was amazing… the sunset was beautiful..


and the last photo….(a cute smile from me huahua)


To see something like this…made me realize how little i am in the wonderful universe…

What a great flight 😀


4 thoughts on “Take the right side

  1. Amazing images, girl!
    U’ve a chance in this
    Do u like the image “small_img_0720_2.jpg” just becoz of its difference than others? or may b just in it’s yellow color?
    I couldn’t see your countenance on image “edit_img_0761.jpg” clearly, but your expressionless smile looks so cute
    I like your image “small_img_0763.jpg” most, an asnychronous angle in a synchronous line.

    Sometime, you’ve to take the right side to see your left one widely.

  2. @ ci wil
    hohoho… everyday is summer in Bali ^^ yeah… enjoying the summer before playing with snow hahahha…

    @ 7ustm3_2
    hmm could it be..just realize it… touch of sunlight made the clouds prettier ^^ created a great silhouette too
    in 0761, the focus is in the clouds ^^ the person just to make it more beautiful hahahah….
    Thank you ^^

    @ pitshu
    yuk yuk yukkk..kita ke bali ^^

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