How Will it be..??

This morning, mom called me and said “May be bro will go there to help you”

Huaaa…. errr… err….

But it means more outcome to mom n bro… have to spare for the plane, also hotel.. err err… it’s ok if there’s no (main) family to accompany me on Feb 13th..

But in one side i really happy to hear that… well.. who’s not gonna be happy if having family to say “see you” again before we go far far away ^^

Suddenly i remember, when i went to Jkt to study… mom n dad accompany me till the bus station… then i went…i was so touched by their presence…

Hmm still not sure will he come or not…

If it’s possible i would be very glad to have bro in my departure time…
but if it’s not.. i wont be sad too, there’s my cousin that will give me a ride to the airport and i believe there’ s something more important that have to be prioritized ^^

*time to continue to pack pack again ^^*

Updated on 08.02.08 (Gong Xi Fa Chai)

Finally it’s been decided… I sent msg to them… “i don’t think bro doesn’t have to come… i’ll be back on June, isn’t it? So it’s ok if he doesn’t come.”

A day after…they called… Yup bro won’t come…
And finally decided, i will stay at kost till 13 ^^… room sweet room… ^^ and i prefer like this rather than stay with others home

Huff…. Hwait’ing ^^…some stuffs already packed… today or tmrw have to be done… and sent it…Hip hip hurayyyyyy…..

H-5 :-S but ^^


5 thoughts on “How Will it be..??

  1. @ anung
    huaa..kok jadi haruuu begitcu..sini sini aku temenin nangis hahaha

    @ pitshu
    lipet2 pitshu, masup plastik space maker buat ngehemat space… * muat boo *
    Eh tapi kok OW yak wekekek :p

  2. ci willl…. hohoho…almost done….malem ini berjuang buat packing2 lagi hehhee..dah trial error dikit…
    That space saver bag..really helpful abizzz


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