내일 밤

Hufff…. hosh hosh…

Yups… 내일 밤 (read : naeil bam, meaning… tomorrow night) I’m going…

the preparation ? hmmm some stuffs already sent to Bali.. (in total 6 boxes… 73Kg hohohoho… 7 years of living in here..finally…) i sent it with SDR… hmm quite cheap… and easy (since they didn’t check the content ^^)
35thousands for the first 5kgs, and next 1 kg +2500…

some stuffs already given to friends too ^^…

administration… so far is fine… * Thnx God… *

and now…my stuffs … so many things have to be packed… but i believe by tonite, it will done…. (of course it has to be done this nite ^^)


gotta go back to my lovely room… to pack pack… Yeah….
So happy to see  my room bigger than usual ^^… (since some stuffs already gone hihihi)

Happy happy…excited… (though lil bit nervous, worry, afraid…) but still excited…

Latest info from my friend… for Thursday morning the temperature will be drop = =’ it will be around -8 C hohohoho…..
(cold cold…here i comeeeee ^^)
Plan for tomorrow…

– breakfast (with indomie telor aduuukk.. -> my fav ^^)
– bring the luggages to Lab
– having lunch with friends ^^
– waiting to be picked up with (still dunno who, whether cousin or my lovely aunt ^^)

Wish the rain won’t be so hard (if there’s any…)
wish everything run well… as He planned…
(just if there’s any out of my plan, wish He show me the way…)


16 thoughts on “내일 밤

  1. Oh lala…!
    The game has just begun and you’ve made it over!
    This isn’t funny! You whiten this black… not more than 1 month.
    Very nice girl i ever met. Clever.
    I’ve been giving comment for my 23 frens’ blog with no eyes, for many years.. and just little of them knew who the *_2 was.
    You’ve made this game unenjoyable again, girf.. puff.
    Hiks.. 1 day remaining.. Welcome to Korea.
    Just call me *_2, okay! There is always 2 behind 1.
    Thank for your 1 dollar. It will be 1 litter of moments. 😀
    Completed with your high school image… It’s still okay. No broken happened. ^^

    Everyth’ would be green.
    And remember my account!
    My account! No arbitrage opportunity!

  2. Tataaaa…Bon Voyage yahhh…
    I wish you all the best on your new life in Seoul and for your further study as well. gambate tata !!! I know you will be alright. The great fun has been waiting for you. I wish I could squeeze a little bit on your luggage :p

    keep in touch, never let your blog dry, ok…

    PS: klo ketemu artis2 korea kirim salam yah, trus jgn lupa poto2.. kikikiki…

  3. happy happy flying ya :))

    may you have a nice and save flight..

    see you in the next 5 months 😀 heheh..

    don’t forget my “titipan” ya hahaha..

    PS : inget.. coat and syalnya jangan di taro bagage.. biar begitu turun pesawat bisa langsung pake.. klo ada binnie pake binnie juga sekalian..

  4. @ *_2
    Huaaa…give me back the photoooooo wekekekke
    Thank youuuuu

    @ C Angel
    Hihihi makaciiii 😀

    @ C Ceemot
    Wekekek fly fly na seru..ntar i cerita * kejadian * before fly fly 😀
    Btw itu “titipan” di mini market deket kampus tak ada 😦
    besok mo ke market, i cari lagi 😀

    @ C Nat
    Huee..makaci cici 😀
    ntar i sampein muach2 nya ke om bae wakakakakaka….

    @ Pitshu
    Huahuahua… ntar co co korea di univ daku tes bakat de…yang jago ngedance lolos tahap satu :)) *kok jadi mirip truk cinta yak wekekek *

    @ C Viol
    Makaciii 😀
    Hahaha ntar disampein salamnya sambil bawa botol clear de huehuehueue….

    Makaci yaa semuaaaa 😀

  5. Hey, I’m not sure if you still remember me. I asked you earlier about the institution you are in in Korea. Anyways, I just would like to tell you how much I’ve been blessed from reading your blog. It brings me such an encouragement. I especially like the one titled ‘the unseen plan”. I can relate so much to it and believe more that God ALWAYS has the best plan for us! 🙂 thank you.

    So, how has it been studying there? Is it really hard to learn the language?

    Thanks for responding earlier.

    • hi too~ thnx for dropping by, n glad to hear that u can be encouraged from this experience sharing : )

      yup, i’ve replied it after your comment in the post : )

      So far i quite enjoying to be here, cos lot of things that i found are beyond my expectation : ) the research is developed well in here, and lot of nice places that can be visited for refreshing (i think this one is more interesting than study haha) n lot of friends other countries.
      For language, i think if we already had interest in it, the rest is just the commitment to keep going, cos if u like it, u can enjoy it (though sometime it’s confusing, but it’s interesting, cos inside the language, we can know the culture also n this is the one that make it more interesting : ) )


  6. Thank you for the information you gave me 🙂 i checked it out a few days ago. Although I’m not planning to apply there since it appears to be a more of an academic institution, it led me to stumble upon the Korean National University of Arts website. Heehee, I’m thinking about applying for a scholarship there next year. I wonder if they’d mainly look at my GPA or my artworks/achievements 😀 Anyways, thanks, Martha.

    I think you are right. Interest and commitment is a good foundation to learn a new language. Prior to your arrival to Korea, were you already ‘armed’ with lots of knowledge of the language? Also I wonder whether the workloads at school is heavier since you guys are scholarship students? Lol,I’m sorry I ask too many questions.

    Keep in faith, God bless you there :))

    • Wow knua is a good univ~~ 화이팅~

      in my case, being able to read n write was helping a lot ^^ because most of the thing are written in hangeul, even though i couldn’t understand the meaning, just by being able to read, it made me feel happy ^^
      *especially for konglish, cos it’s interesting to guess the meaning like 센터 -> center : ) ”
      for the workloads, i think it’s vary depend on the univ n the professor also type of scholarship : ) but i think there must be a time for taking breath ^ ^ so no worries bout that~
      I’m glad if i could share too~

      GBU too~

      • Hey again :),

        Writing apparently is a bit of a problem for me. I wonder how people could differentiate between e and ae, ye and yae, the two Os (vertical and horizontal) and the two Us (the one with the small vertical branch sticking down and the one which is plain like –> __ ),,,, sorry I can’t type hangul on my comp 😦 heehee

        Do you have to memorize vocab per vocab to get the writing right? or there’s a hidden trick behind it? hehehhehe

        Thanks again for sharing your experiences with me,, take care

  7. sorry tata, i hope you won’t mind if i help out in the answering.
    한국어 공부는 내 취미이니까 ㅋㅋ

    hi sam, by pronunciation alone, there is no way to differentiate 에 and 애 or 예 and 얘. they can only be differentiated by their usage.

    오 and 어 have different pronunciations. 오 sounds like letter ‘O’ whilst 어 sounds like ‘all’.

    my professor told me the best method to learn korean fast and well is actually the most stupid and that is to commit to memory.

    • waw…it’s an honor to be visited with the master : )

      and i do agree with your answer~

      anyway 에 예 오 어 is my problem too (even till now) and the best way, nothing but memorize hihihi this word using 에 and that word using 애, but don’t be too hard for the first time, it will be better by the time 🙂 파이팅~

  8. Thanks a lot, Magnolia. It makes sense now that I know there’s a difference in the pronunciation. I guess I missed that important part when I first learned it -_- It’s also much easier to memorize the writing now that I can differentiate better between the two Os. heehee

    • another resource said :
      애 -> ae sounds like a in “bag”
      에 -> e sounds like e in “net”
      오 -> o sounds like o in “go”
      어 -> eo sounds like o in “son”

      sorry for the late~ and keep 파이팅^ ^

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