The FlyFly Day

Last post said … (of course it has to be done this nite ^^)
and the result was…. i still not ready till 10am…. tata oh tata…. but … let it be wekekeke

Feb 13th 08

Happy birthday to my broooo ^^ 생일 축하 합니다 ^^
wish all your plans run well 😀

Wokeh..finally my lovely aunt picked me up at 2pm in Lab…
* muach muach to those who waved me goodbye n double to those who helped me carried the luggage and some boxes 😀 *

we had a healthy organic lunch in GrahaMas (dunno the shop) and it was nyummy and made me really full…

arrived at her home, still struggle with packing… (had to unload some stuff, to put some stuff… haiya..kinda stress with pack pack thing 😦 ) in total it was almost 40 i guess…
and finally 5.30pm we (me, my aunt plus pepper – her cute dog) went to the airport…
* really thnx God there was no traffic jam on our way to go to the airport…

In the car we talked a lot… she reminded me to prepare the cold cold… and i told her my wish too…
– i wish i could meet a neat roommate ^^, also i wish i could sit next to window…

around 6.30pm we arrived there… stopped at gate 4 (cos I used G*A) but when i confirmed, international flight was on the gate 3…
After my friend came, we went for check in…. well it was the first time to go abroad for both of us…  – thnx God I got friend to accompany me ^^, his name is Rusdi

And… cos we used G*A with carrier Ko*eanAirlines (KE)…. so we were asked to go to KE counter in gate 2… = =’

In front of the counter….we put the luggage and….

Officer1 : “haiya… G*A ticket…”
Me : “Something wrong with that??”
Officer1 : “No..”
Officer2 : “Oke, the total is 63kgs” (Rusdi’s luggage only one pack – may be around 23 / 25kgs… yeah…the rest is mine ^^ )
We : “Yup”
Officer2 : “so you have 23kgs excess baggage”

– BOING!!!! –

Me :  “But I called the officer in G*A, she said we can have extra 10kgs for student”
Officer1 : “unfortunately, you are using G*A ticket, means their policy is different with us… If you buy KE ticket, we can use our policy – which is extra 10kgs – to you… but you don’t..”
We :  “But we are a new student…. of course our luggage (especially me :D) will be a lot”
Me : “How much is the cost for excess baggage?”
Officer2 :“US$16”
Me : “Haaaa?!?!?!?! We are the new student..and we are taking scholarship… of course that’s too expensive for us. Moreover, i just follow what is said to me that i got extra 10kgs”
Officer1 : “Yeah… but still we have different policy…”
Me : “Pleaaaaseeee”

then the officer1 went to some place dunno what to do…

Officer1 : “Okeh, after i discuss it, you will be charged for 10kgs”
Me : “what?!?!?! still that’s too much for me us”
Officer2 : “Anyway, they are student, it’s ok laaaa…”

Huaa..thnx to officer2 for helping us… Then the officer1 went to some place again…Haiyaa… i could be bankrupt if i should pay for US$160 haiyaaa… but i also don’t want to unload some stuffs ^^… it’s already packed very well laaa

Officer1 : “Ok…it’s very very minimum that we can give…. 5kgs!”
Me : “what? 5kgs??? can it be minimized again…come on… we are new students….”
Officer1 : “No no…it’s been our minimum amount…or you can unload some stuffs here”

Haiya…don’t want laaa ^^ tata oh tata 😀

Me : “Ok then…. i’ll pay for the 5kgs”

So..after Rp 100.000 gone for the tax, also US$ 82 gone for the luggage….
I got my boarding pass… Seat number : 34H.. wondering…. will it beee ???
It’s ok la, better than i should unload the things again…. 😀

Then it’s time for fiscal… and money gone for nothing…. when will indo erase this policy – -‘ 1 mio… i can buy lot of things with that 😀

After the fiscal, we almost went to the immigration …. thnx G c Hen called me and i confirmed it to her….If not… i might go without my jacket and some clothes for the winter preparation.. ( I put it outside, my aunt watch it for me..
So we went out… had a light dinner…. and farewell…glad to have my aunt with me…cos i felt that she represent my mom to me… (they are best friend since they were kid.

And here we were… in the plane… tried to find out our seat…. and mine?????

right next to window huehuehue…. so happy ^o^  I got what i wished before


In the airplane…

It ran well…the meal was good 😀 the service was great… and there’s something unique that i just seen…
They gave the passenger the “Comfort package”.. .small package consist of gloves, tissue and a tube…

I wonder what was it…. i wished it was something that can make stopped nose better…..
* something like vicks… haiya foget the name = =’ *

And it was…. a cute tiny toothbrush and the tooth-paste….
G…it was very cute… so small…

Here’s the picture

see it was half of the normal pen… Just looks cute for me…

Wokeh.. time to sleep now ^^

– to be continued 😀 –


10 thoughts on “The FlyFly Day

  1. udah sampe ya ta, have fun ya..baek2 di negeri orang (udah kek emak2 aja neh gue hehe :P) untung lo, itu officernya mo korting 5 kg hehe, kalo gak kan lumayan tuh.

  2. Tata, congrats ya udah arrive disana 🙂 Untung ya, masih bisa nawar overweightnya, aku dulu ngga bisa nawar, cuma overweight aku sedikit 😛
    Oh yaa, about the small comfort package from the airlines, aku lupa kasih tau, hehehe…..emang dapat gituan kalau ke negara yg jauh hihihih 🙂 kawaii ya …..biasanya ada tas kecil nya yg isi semua itu…..mayan bisa buat isi macam2 😛 Meal on plane nya gimana? Ada pilihan ngga ? Apa dikasih default Korean food ? 🙂

  3. @ anung n pitshu
    hohoho… iyaa kemanakah duit fis fis itu pegiiiii huuuhhuuhu….

    @ c ceemot
    hueuehuehue..adventure makanan ni ci… * bahaya mengancam *

    @ ci viol
    hoho makasi ciii…iyah… ga kebayang kalo ampe 20-an kilo, bisa beneran ga idup di sinih de wekeeke

    @ zen…
    waaa jd ini termasuk nyogok yak ?

    @ c hen
    Makaci ci :D… ooooo ternyata emang selalu dapet yak..
    hahah mealnya, pilihannya bibimbap or chicken?
    Of course pilihan jatuh padaaaaaaaaaa bibimbap huehuehue

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