The First Day

Happy Val 😀 hohoho… This valentine really different ^ ^…. I arrived in Val’s day hihihi…
Okeh…let the story continued 😀

Along the way to campus, i gazed out the window… and sometime fell asleep…Hmm something that totally different is the traffic… it’s driven car, and it’s in order… errr…don’t mean to compare it in Jkt… but…yeah…that’s the truth… It has better traffic than there…

Finally I see the campus… It’s so big (compared with Sya*da* + Ang*rek ^^)
Here’s the front look of the place i live – the dorm – …


Seeeee…the white white things in the down left???!?!?!… it is ice 😀 hihihhi… cos it was snowy couple of days before i came… * udik mode on *

so far, * till now * i like this place 😀

After put our luggage in our room (after a full of gesture conversation with the guard in the dorm – he can’t speak english – -‘ – thnx God i’ve learned 한글 before…so at least i can write a little and read… ) Kak icha accompanied us to take a quick tour 😀

She showed and explained some building that we passed
* Fitness center was passed… someday… I’ll go there hihihi *
We went to the lab, to show the place that we’ll work… Hohoho… my lab is in the new building :D… and it looks great..(there’s a big – half frozen – pond in front of that building)
Then she introduced me to some people in the lab… *hiya… mostly Korean….Gotta to study harder huff huff*
One of that i remember was Cathy… she is a nice person 🙂

Lunch time…. * First Lunch * hihihihi

I had lunch with Kak Icha n Cathy in the canteen… She explained some custom in here…
The lunch was divided by two, left side or the right side…. Those side had different menu…

Since i had no idea what should be eaten… just see and take take :D… piggy piggy became my choice ^^ plus milk.. (Hee?!?!?! lunch with milk ??? Yeah… suddenly i started to like it hihii..lunch with milk :D)
It spent around KRW 3000 (coz i took the piggy piggy one, and it’s quite expensive :D) …. hohoho quite expensive… but no problem 😀 counted it as the training fee 😀

Then I opened (accompanied with kak Icha) the bank account…
To open it…not as hard as in Jkt :p Just lil bit difficult, cos of the language barrier = =’, so gestures really important in this time 😀 pluss…. Kak Icha helped for the simple instruction…
* I owe her a lot…. *

Then i went back to my room….

The room???

OMG….my wish came true….. I made a wish… I wish i could share a room with neat person (all is double room)… and first time i got in the room…it was sooooooo clean, neat… felt like Hotel room ^^ *another udik2 :D*
Simple and comfy room… heater and air con were available in the room… 😀

After finishing this and that… had a dinner with friends from Indo.. (Really blessed to have a friend like this… it must be very stressful to be in other -different language- country and have no friend)
We (kak Icha, rusdi n me) went to the near cheapest supermarket – something like ind*mar*t like that – I bought looooot things…. 😀 soap, shampoo, bla bla blu blu bli bli… 😀

Something new that i just know… It’s better to bring our own plastic if we want to go to supermarket like that… cos the plastic is KRW20, so if we don’t bring it then we need it , we have to buy it…
Also something interesting….. cos it was vals day, many people sold choco in the side of street…


all of those boxes were chocolate… 😀

Hoaaaahemmm…. so sleepy, but happy, cos finally i can write again 😀
I wish i could wake up earlier tomorrow :D…

Time to sleep first 😀


9 thoughts on “The First Day

  1. duh orang korea itu kadang sampe ke artisnya aja pada ga bisa bahasa inggris kecuali yang emang dari sononya pinter ^^ ke Brian (fly to the sky). trus paling ga bisa hitungan wakakakak… capekkk dech!

    huahhh… kapan dakuw bisa ke korea ya! eh bossnya pitshu lagi pulang ke korea nich!

  2. wah senangnya, sudah settle down 🙂
    take care of your health ya, ta. remember to take vitamin C, although I bet, kamu pasti jarang sakit disana, karena bersih udaranya…but vit. C akan membantu kegiatan kamu yg masih bejibun disana 😛

  3. @ anung
    Cuit cuit jugaaa ^^ makasi nung…lagi perlu banyak luck ne hahaha

    @ ci wil
    Iya ci wil…absolutely organized… i praise her for this thing de… tapi kok kayaknya belon ketularan ya – -‘, 2 minggu di sini mulai keliatan berantakannya hahahaha

    @ Om arip
    Iya om, di seoul… tapiiii seoul pinggiran…. istilahnya bukan di “sudirman”-nya Jakarta gituh…
    Mirip “kemanggisan”-nya jkt :p
    Tapi teteppp lebih okeh hahaha

    @ c Angel..
    Iyah..hepi to be here 😀

    @ pitshu
    Pas baca komen pitshu, baru ngeh, kenapa tadi staf sini ngitungnya salah2…ternyata………
    Trus yang ttg englishnya juga bener kata pit pit… ga semuanya cas cis cus :D… ya tapi mirip2 indo juga la hihihi :p. Cuma di sini nasionalisnya lebih manthap ^^

    @ c hen
    Hehehe makasi ci… untung diingetin… ini da bolong beberapa hari ga minum suplemen :p

    @ c viol
    Thank you ci…paling demen de backpack, bawa peta subway ;p

    @ all
    Thnx banget yaaaa…..somehow jadi spirited lagi 😀

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