Here Comes the Giant

* not in very spirited mood *

Almost a week absent again…really miss to write here often.. too much things want to be written but still can’t huff…

Tomorrow, it will be 2 weeks to be here in Seoul… time goes.. time flies.. it’s been 2 weeks and i experienced wonderful weeks in here
So many new things to be learned… So many people (have) to be known.. lot of new friends from many countries (India, Thai, Philippine, Egypt, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Vietnam) – soooo interesting πŸ˜€
So many new experiences…. It’s wonderful.

By now, i can go with subway (thnx to Kak Icha who taught me to read the map) by myself now.. plus guides other new students ^^
Yups… experience waited in the wrong station made me have to take the subway by myself on my first Sunday πŸ˜€ It was interesting πŸ˜€

I can (help others to) cook now ^^… on weekend, we (actually kak icha is the chef master :D) cooked together… i just chopping, peeling and frying the meals :D… Ow…plus my favorite part…washing the tools…

Hmm lots of things… especially things that dealt with language… huff… here comes the giant…

Monday, 25 Feb 08

I had my first lab meeting (it’s kinda seminar like that) with lab mate…
Actually couple of days before that day, my prof already introduced me to other lab mates… in that time, there were 11 people, and all of them were Korean… (hufff…deep breathhh)

On the lab meeting, one of the researcher presented about Table Top… Wow… it was really impressed me… That’s what a real project in Human and Computer Interaction ^^
Animation like X-Men film… (there was a part when all the xmen talked in front of the table that showed the map) seems to be possible :D..
full article about HCI in film could be see in here

What i can understand was only the slide presentation and the animation he showed… the rest… I should learn harder to catch up, cos they spoke in Korean Language…. huff huff….

After that we had dinner together and there were 15 people… plus me, became 16… and i’m the only foreigner… huff huff… what a big giant waiting in front of me huh…

Well actually I’ve prepared for something like this… cos I’ve read one of my friend blog that faced the same thing… She came here 1.5 years ago..
And yups…it’s true… being a foreigner in other’s country is not easy…

We can’t always ask them to speak in language that they not used to use it.
We can’t always ask to translate everything.
We can’t always ask them to speak slowly…
It’s normal that we speak on our own language…
Isn’t it more comfortable to be like that ?

So when i try to be in their shoes, it’s not a mistake too to do something like that…It’s normal…

The way out ???

Of course there’s a way out for this language barrier…that is… study harder to catch up.. so at least i could understand half of conversation…
So the ball is in my hand now… Will i be able or not, will i beat this giant or not… it’s all my choice…

Even if the lecture will be given in English, but still…. learning the K-Lang is a must… so i could get in to the community

But i know, that’s not an easy thing… But…not an easy thing doesn’t mean it’s impossible rite ??? ^^
Wish i the giant will became dwarf in couple of weeks (or may be months) again….
I’m still in my first 2 weeks… (let’s use it as an excuse for a while πŸ˜€ …. just for now… )
* can’t wait to write the next post…. it’s gonna cheer me up a lot πŸ˜€ *

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved. (Helen Keller)

μ•„μž μ•„μž ν™”μ΄νŒ…!!!


4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Giant

  1. haik…. siap laksanakan hehehe..
    Thnx ya ci hen πŸ˜€ survey2 di sini…almost all foreigners face similar probs… huff huff… πŸ˜€
    hwait’ing πŸ˜€

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