The Dorm

Time to update about the condition here…. ^^ well instead of talking about the hardship more…let’s talk about the happy happy thing to be cheer up 😀

Hmmm my first impression about this dorm was….wowww… ^^ i do like this place…
(especially first time i enter the room :D… G… it’s looks like a hotel room ^^ – though it’s become a normal room now; because of me hihihi… ) 

Let’s see how is it look…  * but don’t ask about current view ^^, it’s taken on the second day 😀 *
small_img_1860.jpg small_img_1861.jpg

It’s a double room, and i took the left side… *isn’t it neat ^^*
We have 2 big cupboard… refrigerator is given… Plus the AC and the heater of course (can’t imagine to be here without heater) …

The kitchen is placed on the other building..and it is really good…
We have more than 10spots to cook (Kompor Listrik – haiya…how do i say it in Eng – -‘), microwaves, toasters, big shared refrigerator, washing places…


3 cookers on the show :D… we were preparing for our lunch that time 😀

There’s also washing room…. with more than 5 washing machines plus 3 dryer machines.. Plus irons is available if we want to borrow it…
* errr…no need to iron laaa…. i use jacket all the time :p. It’s called Saving Energy ^^ *

Hmmm what else….

Ow…the view… I do really like the view from our dorm…


Especially from the roof ^^
* go to the roof – 4th floor – by myself became my fav now… *


Back to the facilities….
The bathroom is great…especially the hot water :p it is a must 😀
Dispenser is available everyday…so no need to worry for the lack of water… nor to buy the water :D. I can drink as much as i can…cold and hot water…anytime…. So coffee….here i come ^^
Ow the network… the inet??? hohoho… at night i could get 300KB/s more…. soo hepi hihihi….

Wokeh…overall, i like to be in this dorm…


5 thoughts on “The Dorm

  1. Whew, the kitchen looks so professional..
    It’s nice to have a shared kitchen, so there’s interaction with others. Different from my dorm, we don’t have shared kitchen and dining, and 70% are Japanese in which we have so individualistic life.. Can’t wait looking forward to the dorm that has shared kitchen..

    Btw, can you drink the water directly fr the water tap? *wondering if it’s the same or not*

  2. @ ci wil
    iyah..untung kitchennya shared yak..jadi bisa interaksi ama yang laen… paling ga kenalan2 hihihi

    Di kampus ga ada water tap… waktu itu pernah sekali nemu di bandara doang sih…
    Ampe sekarang belon nemu lagi euy water tap na 😀

    @ pitshu
    Hohohoho…. 😛 ga remang bangets kok 😀 huehuehuehue :p

  3. Wah, dormnya asyik banget ya Ta 🙂 Berhubung aku ngga pernah stay di dorm, jadi ngga tau deh rasanya gimana, anyway…..looks like you really enjoy it ! Be happy 🙂

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