Time to….. Eat ^^

I do really lucky that i could eat Korean Meals… cos some friends faced difficulties in meals at first (even till now)… but it just need more time i guess πŸ˜€

On weekend we (i*donesi*n group) use to cook anything we want… i enjoy the process ^^ we cooked fried fish, cap cay, “perkedel tahu” xixixi…so interesting, with kak Icha as the cook master :p

On my second day, i went to my friends graduation in Daejeon… and i tried “rice cake”… hmmm it’s nyummy πŸ˜€


On my third day, kak icha n me went to Sejong (by subway) … to have… culinary trip ^^

At first we went to Kimbap Nara… and we ordered… ν•΄λ¬Ό μˆœλ‘λΆ€ (read : Hae.mul Sun.du.bu means tofu soup with seafood)


The portion was big….and the seafood really seafood… (hard to explain it, better to see it on picture ^^)

small_img_1874.jpg rsize_img_1875.jpg

Wish u can see the shrimp, the shell, the crab…actually there’s a squid too πŸ˜€ and it’s not only one or two pieces…
Nyummmyyyy ^^
Spicy???? hmmmm yeah…quite spicy… at first kinda scary to eat that read soup…
But when i tried it sluuurp :p the spicy made my throat warm ^^ not like a spicy in the chili…
* recommended meals :D*

and the trip was continued…. we walked along the road, where soo many stores on the side that sold snacks…
Let see the snack :p and what do you think about the ajussi it ^^ (ajussi means older man, like we said “om” in Indo)


yeah…that’s called Korean Snack ^^


Better to try it xixixiixx….*haiyaaa…wondering how many kgs i will gain my weight*

There’s one menu that really cheer me up when i saw the place hihihi…it happened around 3 days ago….

2 new students for this batch and me went to Itaewon… and guess what we ate (actually it’s me who asked for that hihihihi)….
Nyummyy thing πŸ˜€

what do you thing about it?
Hohoho… feels like home, though there’s no rice in its set.

Sorry for those who read it in empty stomach xixiixii
*suddenly remember monday menu from jeng Sus ;p*

Wokeh..time to sleep now…
* wish i dreamed those meals in my dream – since i lil bit hungry after had indomie for my quick dinner ^^ *


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