Time to….. Eat ^^

I do really lucky that i could eat Korean Meals… cos some friends faced difficulties in meals at first (even till now)… but it just need more time i guess πŸ˜€

On weekend we (i*donesi*n group) use to cook anything we want… i enjoy the process ^^ we cooked fried fish, cap cay, “perkedel tahu” xixixi…so interesting, with kak Icha as the cook master :p

On my second day, i went to my friends graduation in Daejeon… and i tried “rice cake”… hmmm it’s nyummy πŸ˜€


On my third day, kak icha n me went to Sejong (by subway) … to have… culinary trip ^^

At first we went to Kimbap Nara… and we ordered… ν•΄λ¬Ό μˆœλ‘λΆ€ (read : Hae.mul Sun.du.bu means tofu soup with seafood)


The portion was big….and the seafood really seafood… (hard to explain it, better to see it on picture ^^)

small_img_1874.jpg rsize_img_1875.jpg

Wish u can see the shrimp, the shell, the crab…actually there’s a squid too πŸ˜€ and it’s not only one or two pieces…
Nyummmyyyy ^^
Spicy???? hmmmm yeah…quite spicy… at first kinda scary to eat that read soup…
But when i tried it sluuurp :p the spicy made my throat warm ^^ not like a spicy in the chili…
* recommended meals :D*

and the trip was continued…. we walked along the road, where soo many stores on the side that sold snacks…
Let see the snack :p and what do you think about the ajussi it ^^ (ajussi means older man, like we said “om” in Indo)


yeah…that’s called Korean Snack ^^


Better to try it xixixiixx….*haiyaaa…wondering how many kgs i will gain my weight*

There’s one menu that really cheer me up when i saw the place hihihi…it happened around 3 days ago….

2 new students for this batch and me went to Itaewon… and guess what we ate (actually it’s me who asked for that hihihihi)….
Nyummyy thing πŸ˜€

what do you thing about it?
Hohoho… feels like home, though there’s no rice in its set.

Sorry for those who read it in empty stomach xixiixii
*suddenly remember monday menu from jeng Sus ;p*

Wokeh..time to sleep now…
* wish i dreamed those meals in my dream – since i lil bit hungry after had indomie for my quick dinner ^^ *


13 thoughts on “Time to….. Eat ^^

  1. iya yah tata jadi manis disitu…(sebelomnya berarti errr hehehe)
    maksudnya makin manis lho ta hehehe
    mungkin karena bajunya jg yah…biru gitu..jarang tata pake baju terang gitu :p

  2. tata kok jadi chubby disana ? apa karena dingin jadinya ngembang ? bukanya klo dingin jadinya ciut ? wakakakakakak…

    huahhh… g cuma suka liat cowo korea, ga suka makanan korea pedessss… santennn…

  3. @ ci wil
    Huahuaua… manis bagemanaaaaa * pipina da merah ne hahahaha*
    Ehm…gmn ya emang dari sononya manis yak hahaha :p

    @ anung..
    Yuk..mari mari… :p mantep nung seafood na πŸ˜€

    @ santy
    Hahaha… emang dari sononya kok san…baju cuma mempertegas kalo gua emang manis hahahahahaha…. :p

    @ pitshu
    Na ini diaaaaa…. da ketauan yak dari poto hihi…
    * atau istilah manis ci wil itu sama dengan ini yak = =’*
    Yah begitulah pit…godaannya manthap, lapernya sering… maka jadilah :p
    Eh eh…pedesnya beda looooo…pedes merica gituh hihihi…

  4. aku suka bagian Tata mempertegas : Yes, that is Korean snacks ! Hahhahaha…..pas baca itu Robert langsung lirik fotona, sepertinya tertarik πŸ˜€ Akhirnya Tata cobain rice cakenya juga! enak kan ta ? tapi ya pedes2 dan merah2 gitu deh sausnya, namun nikmat πŸ˜› looking forward tulisan kamu for more culinary trip in Korea ^_^

  5. Tata?? Wow udh di Korea aja.. seru bgt ya kynya di sana, hehe.. slamat ‘berpetualang’ di negri org yak ^_^
    Uhm.. salam buat… err.. Won Bin.. n.. Jang Dong Gun yak, wuuahahahahah…

  6. @ buyu
    Welee baru juga nyampe di sini da ditanya balik… heheh
    Iya tu… sapa yang kasi ya..masa ce imut gini dikasi jaket for man – -‘
    Gendut itu biar ga sakit looo :p

    @ c hen
    Hahaha…snacknya berat yak :p… iyah rice cakenya juga enak.. trus yang sausnya itu ci, dia ga pedes kayak sambel abc gituh… jadi masi bisa mamam hehehe

    @ c pipit
    Hueee…thnx for drop by ci πŸ™‚
    Hehehe iyah… sama2 berpetualang nih hehe… ntar malem salamnya daku sampein de hehhee
    (janjian ketemu ntar malem… lewat mimpiiii hihhi)

  7. tataaaaaaaaaa……….. bikin ngilerrrrrrrrrrrrr bangeeet.. gile tuh yang kuah2 merah.. pedesss keknya.. mantapppppppppp… kirim dunk ke jakarta.. MKEAWMKEMAWKEAW…
    atau berbagi resep di sana.. hihihi..

    GOOD LUCK yah d sana ^^v

  8. @ ikan teri…
    haha kalo gitu selamat menikmati via gambar deee…
    jadi negara yang layak kunjung kalo udah diet dulu :))

    @ martha
    huehueue… enak looo pedesnya….pedes anget πŸ˜›
    welee…resep 😦 bagian yang paling ga bisa.. masak2an hahaha
    tapi semua makanan resepnya 1 mar…
    * buka dompet, ambil duit :p *

    Thnx yak ^^

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