It came

월요일…02 월 25일 2008 년 (Monday, Feb 25th 08)

I was still in orientation program.. and that time i had my korean class… 선생님 (read : seon.saen.nim, means the teacher) said… okay..10 minutes break..
* i think he seen our blank face when he was explaining…. sorry ^^*…

On my way to the bathroom, i gazed out… and OMG…. It was snowing out there hohohoho…. 정말 행복해요… Finally… i saw it… and some of my friends out of the classroom too… and we went out hihihi… Lucky, i put my cam in my pocket….. so… it’s show time ^^
쥐송합니다 선생님 (means : sorry to the teacher)… ^^


All of us played with snow falling… Huaaa…sooo happy…. to feel snow fall… Finally…. For some of us (include me) it was the first time to see and feel it :D….

Say cheeeeeeeseeeee… .huaaa..what a big smile 😀


* But why do i look like an old woman there = =’ looks like having lot of white hair xixiix *

But something silly in that day.. cos i didn’t bring any hat (i put off the hat in the jacket too), nor umbrella, nor shawl…. just gloves… 바보 = =’… moreover… i had to go with my lab mate for dinner together…

sooo… i just went back to the dorm to take those things…huaaa…so cold… But i really love the view on my way back to the dorm….


Snow is really beautiful ^^ though it’s soooo cold….especially the wind = =’ But still…happy for that

* this thing really charged up my spirit *

02 월 26일 08년

Just like my friend said… day after the snow fall will be beautiful…. And it was really beautiful 😀
Before i never imagine, why sunlight couldn’t melt down those ice… But… now… i see it…

Alllll is white


Soo beautiful * IMHO *…
Moreover if added with an object hihihihi

Butt… there’s a picture i like the most from this day…. *moreover kinda perspective picture*


Well…actually i went out of my room in the nite.. * went to the roof and around dorm *…
But… the pictures not too good… it’s blur = =’ … cos it’s too cold… and i didn’t bring my tripod = =’
*LESSON LEARNED!! – don’t be afraid to bring tripod in here 😀 *


02 월 27일 08년

This day, we (the new students) went to UST (university of Science n Tech) in Daejeon.. It was outside Seoul… so it took 2 hours by bus..

While we were waiting for the bus… the weather was sooo good…and it’s hard for not taking picture hihihi… cos the snow still seen… but it’s not falling anymore…


Well that’s my sharing for my first snow fall… sounds like a rube… but yeah..that’s meeeee 😀
Finally i got what i wished for a long time… 😀 and i really love it…

Thnx G for a wonderful chance like this…


8 thoughts on “It came

  1. @ san
    ayo ayo kesini, cari love nah loooo hahahahhaa

    @ ci wil
    hehehe iya ci wil… 😀 eits ada bau bau lope nya huehuehue…
    * wink wink * aja de 😛

  2. Hi,
    I stumbled upon your blog yesterday and have been enjoying it. What program did you apply for the scholarships and what school are you enrolled in? I’m really interested about the Korean culture and wish to know more about the opportunity to study there.
    Thank you a lot, keep up the good work,

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