Just Sightseeing

2 days ago i went to city hall with my friend… i’m so lucky..cos finally i found a friend from Indonesia, that loves to take a picture hohoh… her camera is SLR boooo..

At first i thought it’s uncommon to bring tripod to take a picture in here… But she said… “it’s ok..no need to worries bout that, cos usually people in here don’t care about that…and it’s safe here”
Sooo just bring it anywhere you like 🙂 as long as you’re not taking a picture of them (the people) purposely… they might complain.. I guess ^^

So let the journey began ^^… 2 galz went to city hall with tripod xixixix…

I really enjoy the night view… the lights..the traffic… it’s just feel good (besides the wind = =’..brrrr)


And when i tried to walk closer to the building, the view was better than from afar


Aa…and there’s a simpe garden in front of the building… nice one


* time to sleep now….* Annyeong…


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