White week

Hohoho…if there’s a song titled “White xmas” so this week will be white week….

Since i saw weather forecast for today was sunny… so I didn’t bring any hat, nor shawl… plus just wear a casual pants (not jeans)…

But when we wanted to have a lunch…. OMG…. It was snow fall… and it’s quite hard… hohohohhoho…..
Time to take a camera then 😀

* click click *

Here’s the scene right in front of our building…


Soo beautiful… Especially when i raised up my head… .the snow fell to my face…. to see the snow fall in a way like that…sooooo interesting…

Played with the snow… made a small snow ball (it was frozen my hand = =’… wondering how they make a snow man…brrrr)..
Here i am in the middle of the white field 😀


Just enjoy it very much… and suddenly i forgot yesterday’s syndrome hihihi….
Ran in the fields, played the snowball with kak Icha… hihihi… soo interesting, soo happy… (though it was soo freezing)


나는 눈을 정말 좋아해요…. (means : i really like the snow :D)

* time to sleep :D*….잘자요


6 thoughts on “White week

  1. @ ci wil
    Iyah..kata temen yang lama di sini juga, jarang2 segede kemaren gituh 😀
    Kemaren sekitar 3 ato 4 C gitu ci wil…Brrr…dingin 😀

    @ c angel
    Ayo ayoooo mariiiiiii ^^

    @ bang arip
    Wah bole juga ya..otak bisnisnya langsung jalan hauhauhau

    @ c ceemot
    Susa ci pake sarung tangan… hehehe… ntar basah pula.. .
    Huhauhaua.. ini da masup minggu2 belajar kokkkk
    * dimarahin bu dosen de = =’*

  2. hahahaa…. aku paling suka foto Tata yg ketiga di post yg ini 🙂
    pake sarung tangan bisa kok Ta, pake yg thermal itu 😛 dijamin kagak basah ~~~~

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