On AIR!!!

Couple of days ago i just read ci Ola’s post about on air… Splashed on my mind… how does it feel… how is the look in the studio… * wondering *

Well, today i went to Indonesian Embassy @ Yeouido (ya samting like that la..sorry for the mistype) ..  to register myself… plusss… got a stamp in my passport, so i shouldn’t pay the Fiscal if i go back for a short time…

In the subway kak santi said…waaa…kak bambang going to be interviewed in KBS Radio
At first i just know that we will go to Yeouido Park..cos it’s near the embassy, and we will pass it after on our way back


After finish with the embassy… we went to KBS Radio (after several times lost ^^) and accompany him to be interviewed…
Hooooo KBS… it is one of the biggest Production House in here… I used to see it from the movie / drama ^^.. n today  i visited the main building ^^

In there, we were welcomed with the staff, and she spoke Indonesian very well… * amazed * She took Indonesian Literature here…

On our way to her office, i saw studios, soo that’s the way they prepare….
In her office i stunned…. they 11 groups in 11 different languages….huaa… each group responsible for their program
As you see in the we, when there are lot of languages on the right top… those that they broadcasted


she said all of us will be interviewed for KBS Radio program… Hoooooo..

so we got in to the studio.. * first time to see it 😀 *

then the interview ran well…  yeah..though it’s kinda basic question… but it’s new experience for me ^^
So interesting ^^

If there’s no changed planed it will be broadcasted  tomorrow (Fri, 14Mar).. She said… it will be on

FM102.6Mhz (in Jkt only)  20.30-21.00WIB

xixixi… dunno de… if there’s changed plan… well at least I’ve seen the studio hihihi… new experience always interesting 😀

they said it could be heard from here too.. complete with the previous interview…

So… just let see tmrw ^^

Time to do my assignment again…

huff huff….


9 thoughts on “On AIR!!!

  1. @ c hen
    hihi tengkiii 🙂 tapi ternyata ga nongol ya ci hihi
    jadi cuma bisa via inet aja de 😛
    * sms ku nyampe ga ya ci? *

    @ ci wil
    Bisa loooo :p tapi masi via program hari ini menit ke XX nya hihihi

    @ c ceemot
    huahuahua untung kan perna poto ama daku, jadi bisa bilang tu yang dipoto, perna poto ama daku juga looo :))
    * narcis kumat *
    Huehuee..daku da bilang looo…tapi bilangnya “baru abis update blog* :p pan tersirat tuh…

    abis status cici busy, trus lecturing gituh, pan katanya ngajar
    gitu deee huehueh
    ya maaph…pan bisa didenger di inet kalo kangen :p

  2. SMS kamu sampai Ta 🙂 Berapa won tuh sms overseas ? Aku sih kena Rp.500 aja 😛 Anyway, sedih deh pas di rumah udah setel radio eh yg ada sesi request lagu !!!
    Urrrggghhhhh harusnya kan mau dengar Tata broadcasting 😦
    Ternyata harus via Web ya, tau gitu nyalain laptop aja ……

  3. @ c hen
    na itu blon ngecek hehhe…harusnya paling < 500 de (tapi won = =’)
    Huehuehe… sekarang juga masi bisa didenger dari web kok ci 😛 tinggal klik gambar spikernya
    * teuteup promosi diri huahuahua *

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