1 month

so sleepy n still lot of papers have to be read…

if there’s anybody somebody know how not to be sleepy when we have to read paper (the topic that we don’t understand) please tell me… ^^ answer sleeping and coffee wont be accepted ^^

wokeh.. yesterday.. is exactly one month in here… i came on valentines day hohho… so it’s easy to remember it 🙂

Hmmm 1 month runs so fast huh… lot of things i got in here… lot of thins increase (the good and the bad)..

the bad one … err err…
– my weight :(( :(( :(( :(( it’s increased huhuhu….
– indiscipline 😦 yeah… i still have to learn to wake up earlier.. now i used to wake up at 8 😦 on weekend?? err today i woke up on 10.. *OMG*..
I think i might get SP3 if i still at prev lab with this habit :D… cold weather is the biggest temptation to wake up in the morning… it’s better to hide under the blanket…
– coffee ability 😀 well count it as the bad one…
before i used to have coffee one glass a day.. or less… in special occasion it became 2.. (that’s the max)
but now… it’s been around 3 days to have 3 glass of nyummy cappuccino in a day… * i bought in the vending machine ^^ *it’s just 250 Won loooo *self defense*…. Danger danger…it’s danger 😦 have to decrease it..

the good one
– Seeing new place (of course it’s increase a lot…since i will try to go out if there’s a chance :D)
– Korean vocab (of course it has to be increased tooo…otherwise… i won’t survive :D… but still sooo many that have to be memorized and added)
– collection of season… Finally i can add winter and (soon) spring to my season experience 🙂
– Friendsssss….. Soo happy cos i got lot of new friends in here…. native and foreigner from other countries
– knowledge… especially that related to my lab… my “scary” monday lab meeting, opened up my mind about research.
– cooking skill.. Soooo i did cook sometimes.. 😀 help me to save my money hihihi
– aaa… last experience 😀 broadcasting 😀

I do thank God cos finally all the administration thing like
– visa extension
– alien registration (again…counted as alien in here hihi)
– self report to the embassy
– class registration
already finished
And sooo many awesome things… .Thank God…

hmmm what else…. nothing more splash on my mind anymore…since it’s soo sleepy 😦 but have to read :(( :((

helep helep…  pie iki????


7 thoughts on “1 month

  1. Ha ha.. happy 1 month anniversary.. nah loh.. ha ha..
    why the coffee fr the vending machine so cheap ah?
    250 won = abt 2500 IDR rite?
    In japan, the cheapest 120yen = abt 10,000 IDR.
    can’t believe it.. hiks.. ha ha..

    Abt sleeping time, just enjoy it Ta.. 😛

  2. Nah, kalau rahasia dari daku sih, have a quality sleep is better than long hours sleep 😛 Jadi biar pun tidurnya malam, dan sebentar, tapi pas awake ngga ngantuk seharian. Daripada ngopi mulu, mendingan minum hot coco in the morning ^_^

    *I used to do that when I have morning class in winter*

  3. @ ci wil
    Kadonya mana *haha anniversary pan minta kado ;p *
    he?? itu tergolong cheap yak ci wil… err err…sadis juga ya ternyata di sana..
    Ada juga si bucks gelasan di supermarket, itu 1800 hihhi…belinya baru sekali doang :p *mahal booo *

    @ ci Pipit
    Hahaha..Lets minimize the bad list 😀

    @ ci Hen
    na itu dia cari quality sleepnya yang susa 😦 bagemana carana yak…
    Betullll kemaren disaranin hot choco ama temen…n enaaaakkkk :p
    * mulai beralih hahaha – demi mengurangi kapein *

  4. hmmm….kalo carana quality sleep sih aku sendiri belum nemu carana, masih dalam pencarian 😛
    tapi kalau utk mencegah insomnia, aku sudah berhasil ! nah kalo yg satu ini aku tau tips2na 😉

  5. Wah.. emak harus belajar membagi 24 jam menjadi 3 neh:
    8 jam utk belajar, 8 jam utk bermain, dan 8 jam utk tidur
    Jangan sampe belajar gak selesai, bermain gak sempet, dan kurang tidur.. Wkwkwk…

  6. @ c hen
    Hohoh… sekarang malah lagi gampang tidur di mana dan kapan pun :p
    Di subway aja bablassss :))

    @ buyu
    na itu diaaaaa, jadi bagemana caranya ya buyu ???

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