Sleep Writer

“Yup aku ada vitamin”

I used to rewrite my note, cos i have to write fast in class, so it’s kinda mess. In a week, i used to rewrite it in another book with better writing…

But yesterday, when i rewrote the numerical method note… I was soo sleepy… but the class is on next Wednesday, n i haven’t done the homework. So, i tried to rewrite it… But what happen?? 😦

When i wrote….
“If data are very large…….yup aku ada vitamin better use computer to count it”Β 

it’s lucky cos i put my earphone, n that time my friend sent me msg via ym, so i woke up…
😦 … what’s on my mind haiyaa.. my note not as beautiful as i expected now…

and the second was…

“cos other numbers give the result 1000천 0″Β 

OMG… i must have think about the meals that i ate in the noon ^^… cos yesterday i went to Inchon… what a nice park over there πŸ˜€ n i bought nyummy kimbab for 1000won and nyummy chicken satay (λ‹­κ³ μΉ˜)Β  for 1000won…
Soo i wrote 1000 there… but how did the 천 (cheon, means thousand) come from ??

Dunno laaa…leason learned…i think i might be a sleep writer now :-SS

Time to welcoming a “beautiful” monday ^^



4 thoughts on “Sleep Writer

  1. jangan jadi kek orang korea yang suka ngalong, nanti kek bos g , pulang kantor sampe rumah jam 6 pm bobox 2 am bangun trus baru bobox lagi nanti 6 pm lagi ^^

    ga baikkk !!!!

  2. @ c ceemot
    Abis bagemana dunk :(( belun lesai :(( :(( demi demi ciii…demi sesuap nasi wekekeke

    @ anung
    * ikutan joget bareng anung *
    laporken anung ke bagian hak cipta karena merubah lirik lagu wekekeke…
    eh eh tapi begadangnya berfaedah looo *pembelaan diri*

    @ pitshu
    huee…. ngalong banget itu mah
    eh tapi itu bobonya tetep 8 jem sehari dunk yak…cuma beda jem bobo ama bangun doang hihii

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