Quick Sight Seeing @ Myeong-dong

Mar 09th 08

I went to Myeong-dong with my friends… at first we went to the cathedral (the biggest one in here)… I used to like the circumstance of Cathedral… it’s so silent n peace…
* yeah still in the process of searching for the church in here ^^ *

Unfortunately the front side of the cathedral was renovated, so there’s no photo of it 😀 * next time i’ll take it ^^ *

Just like my bro said, when u go to the cathedral, take a look on the pipe organ (like the one in Jkt).
At first i heard the voice, but i didn’t see any pipe organ there…
On my way back, when i tried to look for that again… tadaaa…. found it ^^ it was on the 2nd floor…it was sooo big… i was stunned with it…very wide… 3/4 of the building’s width i guess…

Pipe Organ

After the service i went to take a look around the church ^^… and i liked it very much 😀

I liked the house behind it, it was so unique with the plant around it…

Unique House

Plus the view around it…Just looked so peace… and there’s lot of spots like this in here…

View behind the Cathedral

And when i captured the backside of the church, my friend said…look like in Europe hahaha…cos it was built with european style

Back Side

Hihihi…every spot there’s me in it ^^ *narcis is needed looo…so someday i have memories that i was there ^^*
Okeh..here the full back side of the cathedral… *since the front side was being repaired*

Full back side

*imagine how tall the pipe organ 8-> it filled after the first roof i guess *

After that, we went for lunch…and they (my friends) usually have a lunch in.. Burger King hohoho
So it was my first time, cos i never had it before 😀 even when i was in Jkt

Burger King

The price?? hmmm i shared it with my friend, we bought a package for 2… it was 10,000W… and it made me really full
* new thing that i got that day : we can refill the softdrink for free hihii, but anyhow, i don’t like soft drink a lot :D*

when i went back, i just see something unusual that I used to see in Indo…

It’s about samsung… as far as i know… especially in Indo, it is a big company that gives a service in technology like mobile, tools, LCD etc etc…
and that day i saw

Samsung Fashion

soooo…they have the fashion area too.. * just know it *

Last but not least ^^ my fav photo 😀 cos in this photo i don’t look sooo big… *yeah..international size compared with different standard size :p*

In the Bird

In this photo, I look so small huh…even the bird can carry me ^^
*and hey that’s not a trash bin okeh ^^ *

wokeh..time to fly with the bird ^^

잘자요 …


2 thoughts on “Quick Sight Seeing @ Myeong-dong

  1. tataaaaaaaaa… untung loe pertegas.. it’s not a trash bin.. mwkakkaa.. g liat lgsg kirain loe ampe segitunyaaa ama korea, ampe bela2in masuk trashbin buat foto… LOL….

    tataaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…. hiksss…. temen t****sku tercinta… bener2 mengecewakanku lagi hari ini 😦

  2. hohoho…. tau de lit… jangan2 kalo loe ke sini, loe yang mo ampe segitunya yak hehehe

    Huhuhu..cup cup cup…kasi jitak aja dia lit… napas napas… besok kumpul, semuanya rebes… tinggal edat edit… lalu apalin mati de itu huehuehue….

    dia nongol ga nongol, yang penting loe apalin tu t****s ^o^
    beneran gua pengen ikutan ngejitak tuh hehe…titip jitak ya lit, kalo ketemu 😀

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