New Routinity

Hmmm seems like previous posts always full of trip trip n trip… doesn’t mean i don’t study in here lo :p

I like weekend, but i also scare with it… cos it means the monday will come, which means… the lab meeting will come 😦 huff… until now, still feel hard with it…


Still…. about the language barrier… bla bla blu blu… I just wish i could swallow the “Babel Fish” * blub*

Finally i did my first presentation in my seminar class… Quite nervous… but thnx God it ran well…

At least, i already decide which topic i interested in for my next plan… I chose things that related with GUI… dunno will it changes or not… but at least after read some papers
(which is became my sleep pill 😦 … yeah it’s a nice sleep pill without any side effects… nice one for insomnia huh…)
finally i’ve decided it…

Sooo… what i did the whole week, previous weeks and for the next weeks will be read read and read….

OMG… why i felt so sleepy just after touch the paper for 10 minutes 😦 But not when i read tour2korea web xixixixi
Anybody know how to keep awake while reading the paper???
In the other hand, those papers really opened up my mind… i started to know so many researches had been done in this area…

Beside read the paper, i have to catch up with C++ too…. yeah…time to go back to code huh…. moreover i’m not very well in OOP 😦 … but… i have to study it… cos the others use it for the implementation…
Welcome VC++… time for code code and code

So far, the life still filled with lab things, and (sometime) sight seeing…

For the next month, i’m planning to take Korean Course too (beside the Korean class that i took in campus)…


huff… Language is still my biggest homework for me…
First : the scary monday
Second : for the project, my senior said, communication is really important, cos we have to brainstorming, discuss our research… And… it will be held in Korean… cos it’s just me that can’t speak k*****n, and the others don’t speak Eng***h very well…. (haiya… even i can’t speak it very well) huff huff…. breath breath (hwait’ingggggg !!!)
Third : Daily life… yeah.. it will be very helpful if i can communicate with it..’s not always easy being in non-english speaking country…but, let’s take it all as a chance to learn more… being in non-english speaking environment, somehow, will help me to learn their language more than just learn it from the book…

Have to study hard

아자 아자…화이팅!!!!

O ya, besides those 2 things, so far i attend Saturday’s communion with K*r**n too, we studied from the bible, and thnx God there’s Pyoun that help me to translate some words…
I got lot of new words from them too 🙂

Plus, today is the first day for me to attend the English Service in the nearby Presby Church…dunno will it works for the next week to? cos still in process of searching too 🙂

and today…

The weather is not too good, the temperature backs to 1 digit again 😦 … after couple of days felt the 2 digits.. Brrr… plus the wind…and today’s rain….
It’s the best day to hide under the blanket xixixi 😀
Time to sleep now, and welcoming the new week happily and boldly (especially for Monday) …

아자 아자…화이팅


5 thoughts on “New Routinity

  1. tata.. I know exactly how you felt now.. but jia you hoh..
    I did code too, last time my sensei asked me in carbon c++ in mac, java, but i ended up with eclipse.. jia you hoh..

  2. Hohoh… komapta ci wil.. .somehow… just knowing we’re not alone is really helpful ^o^

    Huiii eclipsee…bahasa planet yang belon kukenal hahaha :p

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