Old China Town

Another weekly trip that late to be updated ^^

At first… Happy easter to everybody..
May the peace of God be with you alwaysss.. .

(but why there’s no long weekend here hix…. I still have to go to lab on Thurs and Fri….
Envy with Indo just for this one :D… * )

Okay, actually i went there last week with my friends to Incheon.. Mostly people know Incheon is the International Airport in Korea… well that’s correct. But last week i didn’t go to the airport, it’s in the end of Line 1 (subway) .. so it’s not hard to get there, but it’s just take time.. (around 2 hours)

We (kak santi, nan – thai -, kak jeli n Jelo (Kak Jeli’s daughter) went there by subway…

At first i asked kak Jeli, what’s there on Incheon? He said, there’s old china town there… Sooo… i said.. “I’m in ^o^”
– never miss a chance to see new places –

First gate

That’s the view that welcomed us to the place….besides the shops there’s also a nice park there… But we had to take the stairs to get there…

On our way to the park, we were welcomed with a big dragon statue ^^… Meansss… *click*


Hmmm.. the stairs were quite a lot..so better prepare some waters :D…

Even after got the entrance gate of the park( that called “Jayu Park“) , we were still welcomed with stairs… hosh hosh…

Park EntranceStairs

But… the struggle with the stairs didn’t for something useless, the park was great… i like the environment there…
And my friend said, others used to call it elders park, cos a lot of elders in here…

Park 01

I think because of it’s quietness, the environment… feels good.. and not to crowded..

Park 03 Beside the view (so many trees ^o^) , there were some chairs to take a rest, or just to enjoy the view… nice one :DNo wonder the elders like to be here… Park 02
Monument 01 There’s one point of interest in here, it’s called
” Monument to 100 years of friendship between Korea and the USA”,
the shape is quite unique…

Not far away for the monument, there was a place where we can see the harbour, n in that place there were lots of birds… so we could feed them…
* but i didn’t do it… let the kids did it :D*


Journey to go back, was not as hard as before… cos it’s time to go down from the stairs πŸ˜€

Go down


End of journey in Jayu Park

Actually there’s a bus that we can take to go to the harbour. My friend said it’s good…but that time we haven’t try it… May be next time… πŸ˜€
*can’t wait to see the sea again :D*

In front of the station, there’s a cute statue…dunno what it’s mean, just take a picture with it πŸ˜€

Tada…. πŸ˜€

And it’s time to go back


Nice trip to Incheon…but still have to go there, at least once more, cos i haven’t go to the harbour… I just saw it from the high..


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