Not a very good one

“Are you okay?”, that’s the word I used to hear these 3 days 😀 especially from my friends that went on that Saturday :D…

I do fine now :D..

Today I have my midtest.. calculus… err err… in fact.. err I think the result won’t be good (Sorry L) cos I forgot some formulas…
* I wish I could just burn the note and drink it…then I could remember it all *
Haiyaa… so many formulas that had to be memorized..

But.. err I admit it, it’s my fault too, cos I didn’t study hard I guess… Yeah, kinda late to start the study… BUT.. err I didn’t regret it..
* Or should I regret it?? *

Cos my activity last week.. hmmm I did really enjoy it.. I’ve read some papers (again… and still some that wait to be read), went to the aquarium, had small bday celebration with friends and new friends, prepared for Monday’s test (I took another Korean course)

Well, yeah…. may be others think the aquarium n the celebration is not a big thing, isn’t it could be postponed to the next week? So I can use the time to study…
* actually that’s what I said to my self*

But then… I thought those things are important and I really enjoy it… though It took a full day… but I chose it, cos I counted it as a gift to me…. Cos the moment won’t be the same if it’s done in another day..

Silly thought may be….Yeah.. I used to argue with my self :p  

Dunno la… Let it be..

Anyway.. After took a test on Monday, finally I got “Beginner 2” for the level test (the highest in beginner is 4, and there’s still 4 level intermediate  and advance class…huaaa…what a long journey wait me ahead) :D.. so I will have new weekly schedule on Monday (beside the scary lab meeting)

Well at least the scariness on Monday could be minimized with the spirit to go to the course.

Gotta sleep early today 😀 cos I just slept at 5 and woke up at 7am…. Plus quick sleep in middle of my studying…  
Hix… not too happy cos I couldn’t do it well… (ya..may be my assignment point can help for the final result… ) gotta do it much much much much better for the final test [-o<

Time to sleep rest 😀


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