What A Peaceful View

Last Monday..when i wanted to go to my new Korean Course in KFCC (they give a free course for foreigner) , the weather was sooo good…

Thnx to my friend that asked me to take a picture of her :D, otherwise i might not open up my cam 😀

* click click *…

cherry blossom started to fill the view in my campus…what a beautiful one…

If it’s not rain, may be tomorrow i’ll take a picture of it moree 🙂

Wokeh.. what i want to share is this picture…


Somehow… i like this view….

The sun that hid behind the building.. the tree..the building…the sky…

plus one….


Water?? hmm yeah..somehow its reflection on the water looks good too..

so the picture above is reversed :D…. actually the upside is the downside….
The darker view is its reflection on the water… 😀


6 thoughts on “What A Peaceful View

  1. @ Ci angela
    Hihi..makaci makaci 😀 itu mah pas dapet momentnya juga looo 😛 biasanya aernya kena angin mulu…

    @ Ci Pit
    Hihihi… makacii juga 😀

    @ Ci Wil
    Hihi..pake pocket Canon PowerShot kok… ga rugi de beli cam ku tercinta sebelon ke sinih…
    * somedayyy… * mungkin DSLR huahuahuau…ngimpi kali yeeee :p

  2. Mak, itu koq bisa atas gelap and bawahnya terang?
    Yg bagian atas gelap itu karena efek kamera yg kena matahari ato nggak (klo dilihat mata gak gelap)?

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