Got it ^o^

Finally i got one spot… so happy 😀

Today, the weather was better than yesterday (cloudy and raining), so i took some pictures again…

And finally i made PhotoBlog xixixi… so the complete collection of the hunting can be seen there.
(please drop some inputs, so i can improve my skill :p, still in learning process)

Ow ya, i got one spot that i like…let see the condition on winter and spring that i got ^^

I took this picture (actually this is my previous header :D) on March 04th 08, it was late winter and the snow fall came on that day.. 😀


After that day, no more snow 😦 and spring started to come… BUT in the mid of march, it was sooo windy, didn’t feel like spring (my friend said) and it was soo cold :|…

The fields in front of our building was burnt then they put some fertilizer i guess (dunno the exact) but it made all so dark in front of our building. The flower still not coming yet… it looked dry

Here’s the picture that i took on March 21st 08


Time goes….. tik tak tik tuk…

still lil bit windy, but some days the temperature became 2 digits (i love this one :D) and slowly the flower started to bloom * can bee seen from the photoBlog *

Also the condition in front of our building. The fields didn’t dark anymore, some green grass started to come 😀 and also the Cherry Blossom

This picture taken on Apr 10th 08


yeah… finally i got the same spot with different view 😀 Soo happy :p

And i still learn for another spot… And now i got the clue… Building is the best sign…

I wish i could do my project 😀 (same spot with 4 season views :D) * i wish *
Time to sleep now :p


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