Spring is Coming (봄이 와요)

Yeah my previous post already showed one photo of spring… and yeah.. it’s beautiful (IMHO) cos it’s colorful. Also the clothes looks colorful (nice to see it others wear it hehe)… so the header also become colorful too now :D… Nice flowers huh ^^

This weekend soooo healthy, because i did walk sooo much… * be strong my legs ^^*

There are some festivals here in spring… soo.. what i did when i got bore was looking for festivals schedule, like this (the flower festival)
Actually i wanted to go there since the first time i opened the web :D… but have to wait till weekend xixixi..

On Saturday

I went to Yeouinaru (Line 5) with Rika and meet Wiwik in there… Actually at first Krishna wanted to go with us but, something came up, he said that he will go afterwards..
At first I planned to see the Yeouido Park and the Cherry Blossom Festival..
But we saw the flowers in the side street were more beautiful ^^ and the Cherry Blossom in KIST is more beautiful…

Sidestreet Flowers

Sooo we just walked along the side street and continue to the Han River Side…. (the flowers were great here)

Riverside Flower

and also the view of the bridge…

The Bridge

Actually i want to use it as the header, but unfortunately yesterday was quite foggy so it’s not very clear 😦 sooo.. just use the colorful one

More photos, can be seen here

After had a fried chicken for lunch, Krishna said that he will come with Heri… and he wanted to take a picture… Huaaa… this place already too crowded (if you want to go here it’s better to go in the morning, so it won’t be soo crowded)

Sooo… we continued to Namsan Park…it’s the place of Seoul Tower

Huaaaa….soooo many stairs…. made me out of breath…huiff huff…. Yeah there’s a mountain in the city.. (lot of mountains here)

But it’s worthed, cos the view from the top was adorable 😀


I took it from the binocular ^^…

From the Top

When we got back…we saw bus… huaaa…what a savior…. so just took it and went to myeong-dong for eat ^^…

Aa… in MyeongDong, there was a tall icecream… (for 30cm… hohoho..unique huh ;p)

Tall Ice Cream Enjoying the Ice Cream

Then go to Itaewon… cos Krishna had to meet someone… and Rika n Me just waited at…. *Bintang Digebuk* (a.k.a Starbucks ^^… quite expensive… but… nyummy :D)

The Bill

More photos can be seen here

Huff..soo sleepy….



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