Today I woke up at 8.30am…xixixi… soo…means… i’ll be late
* I need at least 45 minutes looo for normal condition* –
unless there was one day just 15minutes preparation in the morning :p this conclude as not normal condition :D..but just once lo 😛 – dunno will there be another one or not.. wish no la *

And now?? Blogging…chatting..wele welee … * bad gal *
Somehow feel quite bore after studying for tomorrow’s Korean test… huff…

Yeah.. I just stay overnight 2 days ago… soo I need time to repay my sleep time 😀
Finally I made a record * but it’s bad one 😦 * I went back from lab at 5.30am yesterday… cos I had to finish my ( homework.. haiya.. I think my brain got worse… spent all nite to do it and still not finish…

At first I thought I would never stay overnight in the lab
*I’ve heard some of my friends did it, cos of their works*
But now.. yeah… I did it 😦 but not because of work, it’s because of homework…

Somehow, to do my homework in lab, I could be more concentrate than in my room. Cos I saw no bed hihihi… so no temptation to fall asleep…. So I kept awake (with 15 – 20minutes of sleep) to do it.. but still couldn’t finish it…
Not only more concentrate, but also lil bit scary hihi…

Hiyaaaa I hate it… all the matrix notations… how can I understand youuuu
* wish I just could burn it and drink your ash, suddenly understand it all*
바보 huh…
Soo..after stayed awake, then went back to dorm…ooo how I missed my bed… then slept for 2hours.. then came to my class to see those scary notations again… with sleepy eyes, sleepy head… *plak*

First repayment was on lunch time ^^
After the sleepy class, went back to dorm. Had a kimbab for my quick lunch on my way to dorm (time saving) …and then slept…for about 30minutes ^^

The second was yesterday…
Slept early (but still 11pm 😦 ) and then woke up lil bit late xixixi (actually it’s because my cell phone was out of battery, so the alarm didn’t work at all)
And I am… totally awake (after couple of sleepy minutes :p)

Anyway..sorry doc for the late cometh for today…
Though there’s no fix tight time to come.. but still feeling guilty to come more that 9am
*lab habit in jkt huh*

Wokeh..back to read read againnn….
* why do people have to write so many papers 😦 *


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