Lazy Weekend

12.01pm…Β  *good morning ^^*

Just awake huehuehuee… not even started to lunch yet.. couple of days ago just posted about quiz n quiz… n now… being so lazy in this weekend… * tata tata…. lazy gal *

At least one list already done.. yesterdays’ quiz..ran… (i wish) week the result will be given i guess..

I used to go out on weekend, but today.. hmm decided not to go laa.. lil bit tired and want to (i wish i could really do it) prepare for my Linear Algebra Quiz next Wed... 😦

Anyway there’s a reason for wake up soo late..Β  *alibi :p*

Yesterday is the 2nd rehearsal.. and i’ve already plotted to do Yapong… hiyaa..
at least i’m lucky..cos that’s the easiest dance ^^… my friend told me that dance used to be taught to the children hihhi..

After several times practiced it, then moved to Poco Poco…. *melenggang patah patah…… bla bla bla :p*

Last time i did dance was in my elementary 5th grade.. *balinese dance is a must for students that time* after that…say bye bye to dance ^^
And now.. i was so amazed to see others… their body so flexible to be moved…and me?? stiffΒ  *suddenly remind me with one of milk advertisement in Indo ;p* μ•„μž μ•„μž νŒŒμ΄νŒ… 타타 ^^

And next week, the coach said, we will be taught how to make up to prepare for the performance… :-s… cos she won’t be able to handle all the dancers on the performance day. It’s one of the advantage, she said..
yeah it’s rite… n i wish i could do just the basic laa… though i don’t like it, but it’s kinda not good become other’s burden in performance day (suddenly remind me to Ci Jol that always help me in the concert days hihi… thnx Ci ^^ – hiyaa…miss the choir and the concerts)

Hmm…actually there’s another reason too why i joined this club ^^ (hihihi,there’s always a reason for something rite :p… apalagi tata gitu looo πŸ˜› )

Couple of days ago i received an email from my friend (in Perpika – xixixi, now i’m part of it :p)

“There will be Nami children book festival, and KB*I planed to held Indonesian day on that day – June 21 08 -.. so some performances will be performed”

Soo… Indonesian in here were need to be participate… it’s interesting to find our community in other’s country πŸ™‚ and since that’s in area 1 (in perpika) so… students in area 1 supposed to give more participation in it.

Anyhow.. at first just read… but friend said…
F : “do you know nami island?”
T : “no..why??”
F : “it’s one of the famous island in here, cos one of Korean Drama was taken there”

Hoooooo…. * cring cring blink blink * from there i more enthusiast to join it hhihhi…
Huiii…Namiseom (seom = island)…Β  *mupeng* κ°€κ³ μ‹Άμ–΄μš” ^^

BUT(there’s always but for everything :p… at least i used to spare space for unexpected condition πŸ™‚ )

I don’t wanna expect so high on it, cos, even if i go there, it will be kinda full day… dunno whether is there any time to look around or not (i do really wish there is ^^) pluss dunno how the weather will be..

Yeah..just keep give my best and wish for the best πŸ™‚

* time to late lunch with indomie telor aduk + nasi…nyummm…it’s lil bit cold outside πŸ˜› *

– another unrelated post with the title hihi –


6 thoughts on “Lazy Weekend

  1. indomie muluuuuu.. kapan sehatnyaa…

    tata mah bukan badan penari ya.. badan pe-olah raga ya :)) hahah…

    klo gerakan olah raga kan jago ya ta πŸ˜€

  2. Emak.. klo ngebayangin dikau belajar Aljabar mah lucu banget yee… Wkwkwkwk… Btw, publish donk nilai mid nye? Gak usah malu2… kan udah biasa… ^^

  3. skr brp derajat ta? kok masih ada indomie seh? itu bawa yang dari indo kemaren? bukannya enakan mie korea ya? LOL.. Aih pengen ngeliat tata nari.. hihihi..
    Kuliahnya bhs inggris atau korea ta? cemangats ya.. he he

  4. @ c ceemot
    aihhh pan jarang2… * yang ada ini 3hari beturut2 haha *
    iyaa…mending disuru treadmillan pitnes2 de dari pada nari :p

    @ buyu
    Aihhh daku kan emang lucu hahah.. * stress nee 😦 *
    hihi ntar ajah kalo udah keluar final baru dipublish πŸ˜›

    @ ci wil
    sekarang lagi ga jelas ci wil..kadang 8 – 9 trus siang bisa 18 juga… gajebo ni suhuu…
    hahaha beli di sini ci wil, 5biji 2000won (1 won = 10rupiah)..mahal yak… nasib de.. mie sini banyak yang pueedezzz..jadi menurut ku indomie tetep okeh hihi
    Kul nya inggris si…(cuma 1 kelas hihi) 1 nya lagi seminar, tergantung prof tercinta, kadang keluar bahasa dewa, ya daku bengong aja de πŸ˜›
    Aihh narinya pasti kaku neh heheh.. kyk iklan hi low ;P

  5. wekekek.. beli di sini pit…mahal euy… * bol jug tu..gua jualan di sini hahaha *
    stmj, energen…laku kali ya πŸ˜›
    ongkos kirim ditanggung pitshu yak ^^

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