Yipiii…More time to study

Yeah..here’s the 200th post * just realized it :p *

And this post filled with happiness…cos i just from my lab mate’s place ..

T : 랩 미팅 있어요?? -is there any lab meeting-
F : 없어요… 박사님 출장이예요.. -no, prof is 출장-
T : 아… *manggut manggut*
F : Do you know 출장?
T : 네… ( i got the point but suddenly forget the word to explain going out for business purpose)
F : America 갔어요
T : 아… 감사 합니다… – thank you-

Huahuahuauha…. hepiiii… 행복해요 ^^
* poor me huh – 볼쌍히 – …Monday’s happiness so depend to the lab meeting… but let it be la… to me it’s still scary… language oh language, wish i could just swallow the babel fish.. slowly it will be interesting… just going with the flow ^^ *

Directly open my note… find out the word for 출장 (read: chuljang) cos i ever wrote it, but forget the exact words….
And it means business trip… haiya… how could i suddenly forgot it..

So.. it’s time to prepare the quiz and today’s test…

열심이 공부해요!!!
아자 아자 파이팅 !!!! ^o^


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