hmm some of my friends asked me whether it’s holiday or not in here…

YES ^^ it’s holiday….

But, not because of the ascension of Christ (like in Indo), but it’s because of Labor Day

Hmmm actually lil bit unsure…but since my lab mate said it’s holiday..so let’s count it as an holiday πŸ˜€ though.. finally i saw some people still go to their lab today..err err… include my lab mate (which in the different room with me, but the same professor) err err… dunno la… let’s treat it as an holiday πŸ˜€

Soo i woke up so late.. * 9am, which means 12hours of sleeping hihi… what a deep sleep.. though it made me lil bit headache 😦 * – let’s count it as the first unlucky..

Then informed my friend that i changed my plan to go to Yonsei.. cos of headache..

The next one.. had a shower… but then…

* BLUG *

– ouch… – i fell down in the bathroom… so slippery 😦 errr… – count it as the second –
But thnx God i’m fine…just lil bit cnut cnut in my back… but everything was fine…

Next… i went to supermarket with kak icha, to buy some ingredients for our lunch.. On our way back I stopped in small resto.. and bought 닭꼬지 (chicken satay) nyummy.. especially i was hungry…

We talked while we were eating… but then….

* OUCH *

huaaa 😦 …suddenly i couldn’t speak for a while…
Haiyaaa…so hurt 😦 .. My tongue.. it was bitten
hixx… so hurt… n it was bleeding… But not too severe… but still it’s hurt 😦 *till now…feel like numb*
– the third one –

Hiyaa… 바보야… λΆ€μ£Όμ˜μ‚¬λžŒ 😦 sooo careless 😦 – i hate my self for being so careless like that 😦 –

After that i started to be more careful cos don’t wanna add the list 😦

Next…. we’re planning to go to one of musical performance in 창덕ꢁ – chang deok gung (weks… they’ve removed the link…)
At first they wrote it’s started on May 1st.. So me n kak icha went there…

Stop at Jongno-3ga Station then had a walk to the palace..

Long way to the Palace
Actually we could stop at Anguk station..but so lazy to transfer, so we had a walk (with no clear information bout the place hihi..)

When we arrived there…

창덕ꢁ Chang Deok Gung Palace

The officer said “Hurry, we’ll close soon”
so 2 gals ran to the ticket counter… but..
* glek *
ticket price is 15.000 won… So expensive..

Sooo we asked whether is there any performance today, but she said no…and advice us to ask to the officer in the front door… may be he knows more..
* heee??? *

And when we asked the officer… Yeah..there’s no performance… it will start on May 5 08…

* wattaaa * but the web (which link already disappeared now 😦 – may be cos i posted it in QA huh?? dunno laaa… ) said there’ll be performance today 😦

soooo confused where will go for the next…to me, it’s kinda pity to go back to dorm ^^ we’ve been out, soo just go somewhere laa…

We’ve decided to go to Myeong-dong… and still… too lazy to take transfer.. (there’s MyeongDong station on the other subway line) so we tried to guess… the nearest station.. ^^
But…both of us were wrong hihihi… at first stopped in Euljiro-4-ga (kak icha’s opinion), then changed to Euljiro-3-ga (my opinion)

Here’s the next trip started

Wrong way to MyeongDong Based on my forgotten memory, we tried to find the place..
I saw myeongdong cathedral and soo happy. cos it means it’s near…but still couldn’t find the place… huff…

and we didn’t even ask hihihi… so walked walked and walked…

At least we knew the police station, Sejong hotel….and so other unimportant places..
And at least we had an excercise…what a long walk..huff…

Until in the intersection, kak icha asked one woman (thnx G she could speak English well ^^)

And finally…we were there… fyuhhh… and i bought new earring (5000won plus its necklace) ^^ i like the star shape πŸ˜€ welll yeah..it’s quite girlie ^^


why star???

Hmm i like it πŸ™‚ my previous earring also star shape too ^^… i like to see stars at night..somehow to see them made me so peace ^^

At first i want to use it for daily, but since it’s quite girlie..errr… let’s think about that later πŸ˜€ cos i still have one casual earring from my aunty ^^

Aaa.. i also bought tools to hit stiff / pain back… So cute looo…
*hix…looks so fat in that photo huh..* anyway, the object is the cute dolphin πŸ˜€
hit it on your back, and it will be soo comfort ^^
And it’s only 2000won ^^, usually it’s 4000 – 5000

And finally backed to KIST via Euljiro-1-ga (this is the correct station)…so at least i won’t forget that again.. ( i wish ^^)

After those trips, it was closed with dinner with friends in CF Chicken..nyummy.. i ate a lot ^^ cos i was so hungry and tire too …
Though only spicy chickens were left….i ate it… *teuteup sikaaat ^^*

Thnx palz..it was a nice dinner ^^ * can’t wait for the next party hihi *

CF Dinner

Soo the unlucky day, was closed with great nyummy dinner.. ^^
and get ready to be back to real world again (read: read papers :(( )

νŒŒμ΄νŒ… ^^


7 thoughts on “Ho-unluck-liday

  1. Aduh Tata.. ati2, ati2.. πŸ˜€
    Btw, nice earring! n yup, cute dolphin! hmm kacian dia disuruh pijit2 punggung Tata mulu, hihihi ^_^

  2. tata mulai feminim dey.. hu huy… he he..
    kegigit tuh lidah bisa sampe berdarah ya? serem amat tuh gigitannya.. yah anggap aja selingan, lika liku kehidupan, halah bahasana

    harusnya gua skrg ini lg di korea nih ta, kalo ga tiketnya mahal gitu.. hiks.. lagi libur soalnya disini..

  3. @ ci wil
    Hihihi… the other side of tata ^^
    huahuahua… * berandai2 ci wil di sini…* lagi banyak festival ci di sini ^^

    @ ceemot
    Hohoho bayar bayar…. import dari sini, harga naek 2x lipat ya wekekke

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