Can’t Imagine

2 days ago i just read the article about Source of Gladness… and yeah that made me realize how blessed i am..everything run so smooth in here… yeah.. with lil bit this and that… but still too many things that i should be thankful more.

Yeah…the hardest temptation is not when i’m in trouble, cos that still make me remind of the Bigger Power above…cos i always have a place to talk with, to run away
But when everything run soo smooth, so well, even out of my prediction… cos that could make me ignore Him.. that can make me think all of things happen because of me, not because of Him

one quote that i remember about it

we don’t need more to be thankful, we just need to be thankful more

and today i heard from my dad…

i just had a chat with mom n dad.. * miss you…* then dad just told me…

“ta, toko sepatu gucci yang di jalan diponegoro kebakar. meninggal 4 korban, mama dan 3 anaknya. papanya berhasil selamat loncat dari lt.2”

OMG… i directly go to find the news… and dad said all tv station in dps told about that…

So sorry to hear this news (how could detik put it in detiksport?!?!?!)

I know that shop.. it’s a big shop and they’ve been there for a long time… Somehow it’s so shocking to know something that related with us (though i don’t know them, but dad said he will visit him…

I just still can’t imagine how life wait for him ahead… if i’m on his position… i can’t imagine how will it be… I mean how long do i need to survive, to get up…

To lose 3 children (they’re just 13, 10 and 6 years) and wife… suddenly like that…I’m still out of my word…

All i can do keep wish him for the best, to be strong… though i don’t know him well, to know that dad knows him, that’s enough…(moreover bro said he was our loyal customer in depot… ) aaa… so sad to hear this news
I do wish you’ll be strong to face it all, it’s not easy…really really not.. but i believe you can pass it sir..

Actually i’m lil bit down today… think about this and that.. so hard to concentrate…(feel like time runs so fast, feel like i am so sluggish, cos time wont be faster nor slower rite?)… dunno why..

Somehow this thing wakes me up again…

Just have a thought…
Cherish what you can cherish for today ta, especially what’s within yourself!
Others might be much better than you (and it always be)
but don’t let that thing make you down..
Keep do your best…
though others might see it as a little thing
But it doesn’t mean you can’t do better
Not to be the best, but to be better and better
There’s no limit to be better…

파이팅 tata!!!!

* huff… gotta face tomorrow better than today…. hwaiting!!!!!*


7 thoughts on “Can’t Imagine

  1. Hiks, really sorry to hear that..
    Anyway, this one is very nice thing to say : ” Not to be the best, but to be better and better.. There’s no limit to be better… “, I just could not agree more..
    파이팅 !! (copy paste, ga tau artinya apa, kynya sih semangaaaat!! gitu kali ya, hihihi)

  2. @ nung
    iay nung… *tarik napas panjang*

    @ ci pit
    thank you ci
    iya ci.. itu artinya mirip jia you, ganbatte gituh… bacana hwaiting!! 😛

  3. iya, semalam liat beritanya.. langsung inget tata =)) abis di bali si hahahah..

    jia you tata.. hwaiting..

    a quote says “just do your best and God will do the rest”

  4. Deep condolence, it must be very tough to lose the ones we love. Hope he can face it with big heart.

    Tata also keep up the pace and always feel thankful. ^^

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