The Happy One (part 1)

yeah… this is totally bibim-week (bibim-bap is mixed rice in Korea ^^)

but..instead of drown away in un-good thing…let’s cheer up with happy things…

This week i walked a lot (really really walk…huff) after went to palace MyeongDong in my unlucky holiday ^^… the combo had not finish yet…

On Friday…

walk walkI went to KBRI just like last week… for rehearsal..and today we took a walk instead of bus..
Besides the yummy “nasi uduk ^^” and fried chicken… the rest were quite tiring..

yeah..before rehearsal, indonesian food will always be provided wekeke, first week were fried rice + ayam goreng serundeng, then lontong sayur in the 2nd week… nyummy ^^

Lift Number

Something interesting that i saw from the first time i came here… but haven’t post it ^^

and now i show it…
It’s on the lift in KB*I ^^..actually it’s my first time to see numbering system like this…
Or is it common ??? dunno…for me it’s my first time la… -1??? hmmm…. why not B gitu looo

drummer going to be

Another thing that captured before dance rehearsal ^^
If in prev post ci wil said feminine …i think it doesn’t work for this time hihi

When i saw drum aaa…. really want to play it.. *hiiiya so contrast with ci wil ixixi*
…drummer wanna be… ^^

On Saturday..

Went to Eve Festival (one day before lantern festival) in Jeogyesa Temple


before that we (rika, nan, kak san n me) went to Insa-dong – finally… i was here hehe –
it was very crowded… and so many foreigners… there…

It was sooo interesting… we enjoyed the FREE popcorn, drink, small choir concert.. nice one..
Then tried Korean traditional game (put the stick – like an arrow – in the hole) haiya..forgot the name…
Looks easy but… not even one stick that i put in the hole hihi…

the journey continued with took a picture with cute dolls…
it’s been my interesting to take a picture with big dolls hihi… but not the scary doll ^^ … *i always like it*

Walked walked walked and walked till the end of the road of insa-dong
then we met heri n bing..and went to Jogyesa together

In Jogyesa Temple

Lantern in Jogyesa Temple

wawww…the lanterns were beautiful…never seen the lantern as much as this… the last one is on Disney Lantern Festival @ Senayan 2 years ago i guess… but it’s different… very colorful ^^

see…all the colorful things were lantern…

Then saw they prepared for the festival..

We went to McD (haiya, no rice package in here hihii) for dinner nyummy…

then went back to the festival…

they performed some traditional dance, music huiii sooo great… i like it so much..
unfortunately i couldn’t capture it with my cam.. cos it was dark.. and they were moving 😦 … soo i just recorded it ^^… * which make me out of space now 😦 *

I did like their performance 🙂

in the end, all the visitors were asked to dance together… joined with the crowd (in indo like “ular naga panjangnya itu loo”) sooo interesting… though it’s also tiring..

End of the festival we stopped in the coffee n beer shop… cos there were some who wanna coffee and there were some who wanna beer…

Me??? Hot cocoa… Nyummy…

Rushed for the last subway..and finally arrived in my room… then slept tightly…

Some pictures can be seen in here

Try to add some videos :


5 thoughts on “The Happy One (part 1)

  1. Hmm ituu.. mreka pas lg keabisan stok tombol B kynya Ta, ato emang biar seragam, smuanya angka *wkwkwk sotoy mode on*, tapi di sini byk jg yg pake -1, hihi..

  2. wih keren ya.. tata maen drum, ha ha.. kontradiksi ama diriku satu alatnya kecil, drum gede gaban ya?

    Itu Jepang ama Korea hampir mirip2 gitu sih culture nya ya.. jadinya banyak festival juga ya.. 😛

  3. Huhauhua..ceritanya pengen bisa maen drum gitu ci wil 😛
    tapi ribet yak drummer, ga bisa bawa alat ke mana2 heeh..

    Iya…seruuu banyak yang bisa diliat jadina 😀

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