The Happy One (part 2)

Hoo… here come the part 2.. πŸ™‚

On Sunday

After tiring but interesting eve n lantern festival on Saturday… woke up early (but still late 😦 ) on Sunday… cos the english class for adults @ Church will be started earlier than last week…

Ran ran ran…and arrived in the class room on time… wekekek..with breathless… hosh hosh…

And this week i had Samgyeopsal again hohoho….thank you so much μ–Έλ‹ˆ (read : onni ^^) that’s my favorite food ^^ (piggi piggi… nyummy :D)

on our way to teen’s english class.. 였빠 (read : oppa) told me a surprising thing… made me speechless.. and awkward… err err…
After the class…went to look for something… then straight to Jonggak to see the festival…

at first the HiSeoul Festival…which made me stood up for 1.5 hours..but it’s lucky cos i got a high place to stand up… so i could see the parade well ^^ though it was rain… but not a big one… but still made lot of umbrellas captured in my pic 😦

Somehow..when i saw the marching band…. i miss that… wish i could play that again ^^ * someday *…
I miss the Triol… quartom… ow..i love percussion ^^

Better pictures of Hi Seoul festival parade called “Manmindaerorak : everyone having fun in the street”, can be seen in Rika’s page here.. *she’s a good photographer ^^ n i crush on her cam hahaha :p * cos i haven’t upload it too… * though mine of course not as good as her hihihi *

After the parade, continued with “Lantern Parade” to celebrate Buddha’s birthday …
* n i’m out of battery 😦 😦 gerrr… *

And it was interesting…

This parade made me had to walk… with my pantofel shoes (ini englishnya apa ya :p)
But interesting…Khrisna taught us to cross the street walk along with the parade and he also a good lantern stealer ^^…

Unfortunately it was rain in the end 😦 so we didn’t stay there until it finished..Again..better pictures in the parade can be seen in Rika’s place hihi *numpang ya ka :p*

Sunday was finished….but it’s not end yet hahaha…

On monday..

i went out with μ–Έλ‹ˆ and her children (2 cute children) and her cousins… (yihaa… new friends…moreover, they have the same age with me ^^…)

so interesting… we went to see μ–Έλ‹ˆ’s picture at first…beautiful ^^ i have no talent on drawing hihi
then continued to Insa-dong (againnn :p) walked walked n walked..
Hey but i made progress…. I tried the same game again…and i put 3 sticks in the hole ^^

Had Mr.Pizza for our lunch..soo delicioussss….
took a picture with new friends in photobox ^^

new friends

Tadaaa… wekekekek… they designed it..
and to see they click click on the screen… put the cute cute things… so interesting ^^

a ya… had a pose with them also interesting…some crazy silly styles hihihi…
it’s very nice to know both of you ^^…

Yup..they are korean… and we spoke with…. both of korean and english…
*cieee….tata speaks Korean??*
no laaa… i couldn’t speak very well…but lucky Hae Yeong could speak english.. πŸ™‚ and more thing…everytime we got stuck in speaking…both of us open our AlphaLink… hihi that was funny n interesting ^^… *thnx to kak santi to lend it to me…*

After Pizza we went to Cheonggyecheon it’s a nice place…small river in the middle of crowded city..
I didn’t take many pictures… but Hae Yeoung took it..with her awesome cam ^^… another SLR… huaaa… so many SLR around me… wish i could be strong enough to save my money hahaha πŸ˜› *to buy or not to buy hihi*

And the journey ended… what a wonderful time..

One left for the new thing ^^
6pm in dorm and time to get ready for… learning salsa hahahhaa….
Tata?? salsa… wakakaka… of course i couldn’t do it well..but why not try to learn it, while i have my friend who can teach me ^^…

Huff…what a long post… ^^
* feeling better after it πŸ™‚ *


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