Dont Wanna Lose You

Huff… at first never splashed on my mind that i would choose you…
I never met you from the first time, I just trust my friend that introduce me to you.. Then see your pic..

When i saw your picture at first, i still confuse, should I choose you or the another one..
Cos I’ve met with the another, and i liked it…
But still not sure cos it relates with long term thing..

It was not easy choice between you and that one..
Both of you look alike,
The differ was i can trust you for longer time than that one.

Think think and think..

And finally, I chose you…
After had a thought here and there

Even if after I chose you, i still have to wait for Sunday to meet you….
Between want to see you, and not ready to take you as mine..

And finally you belong to me..

First impression?

Huaaa…. sooo cool ^^..
It’s my first time to have something like this 🙂

But.. in the same day, in the evening
when i tried to know you more, you just left 😦 and made me has to wait for another day to meet you again..

But then.. the next day, you came back to me ^^

Hmm let me call you my Blacky ^^

Cosmos Display This one is my fav display menu…

just scroll scroll and scroll 😛

to me, looks cool *udik mode on*

Hihih..the type is Samsung YP P2..with 8GB inside ^^

Something that really helpful for me are 2 things, those are

Blacky can help me in E-K, K-E, E-E.. (K : Korean, E : English)
so anytime i find new word, i can search it, and save in the workbook provided..

I do really wish this could help me to overcome the language barrier

The second one is….’s seoul SUBWAY MAP

Blacky can help me to find the
– minimum transfer route (there are 8 subway lines in Seoul), or
– shortest path

I haven’t checked the other features for this subway application

Hihhihi…so happy to have something like it..
A ya… it supports bluetooth ^^, actually there was bluetooth headset in the package, but it (the headset) still doesn’t work..
I’ve checked the bluetooth feature, it worked with my friend’s bluetooth headset ^^.. So gotta change the headset.

Ow ya..the competitor was iRiver W7… G, extended memory was possible in it ^^
But… unfortunately there’s no iRiver in indo.. so if there’s something with it.. and i’m in Indo, it’s gonna be hard for me to get A/S Service
But with Samsung…. it’s digital everywhere..wekekke.. at least i could go to samsung service center which quite a lot in indo (just in case i’m in indo :P)

Never imagine i could have something like this… I will keep it well…
* of course laaa *

And i would like to give a huge thank you for the pastor who make it possible for me to have it…
he wanted to give me a present, but since it’s out of budget, so i pay for the rest

And i’d like to thank you to my friend too… Who accompany me to find it.. (at first we chose iRiver
, cos there was a dictionary in it.. even for Japanese and Chinese, but unfortunately it was published in Korea only
) then he helped me to find the Samsung ^^
And he also helped me to fill up with some useful files in it.. *really helpful for learning Korean and English*


Yeah…quite expensive it costs 269,000 Won

Huff…so some money already out of my bank
BUT….happy to have it ^^

* get ready for the next money that will fly…. hix..airplane ticket price is getting higher n higher .. BANKRUPT… here i come 😦 *


15 thoughts on “Dont Wanna Lose You

  1. btw….kok baik pastor “he” jg trus temen…itu he jg…wah kok banyak he-nya yah disini…ehem ehem….
    btw 269,000 Won itu harga awal or harga yang harus loe bayar sesudah dipotong kado dari pastor?
    kalo harga awal segitu…ga terlalu mahal jg kayaknya kalo dicompare di indo…barang samsung disini mahalllll

  2. @ ci pit
    xixiix..lagi demam personifikasi neh 😛
    Keilangan “BluBlu” dapet “Blacky”

    @ san
    huahuahua… ya olooo itu da married kali san pastorna 😛
    itu harga awal san… jadi gua bayarnya ga segitu sih…

  3. wooww… keren…
    kalo gue sih agak males pake gitu2an ta… ini ada dictionary english – indonesia… indonesia – english aja gue ga pake2 wkwkwkwk…

  4. huehueue..karena belon diperluin kali ci… daku juga begituh dulu haha
    secara ini bln bisa berenang udah nyemplung di “kolam gede”…kudu cari cara biar ga tenggelem di “kolam” de wekekeke ^^

  5. kereennn.. haha.. disini milih hp harus kontrak ama provider, punyaku 2 tahun, kemaren itu pilihnya yg free alias 0 yen.. padahal dah ngiler2 pengen yang keren2, ha ha.. subway route nya kaya di jepun, cuman di jepun linenya banyak beribet, complicated.. ha ha..

  6. @ c ceemot
    huehuee.. ya maaph blu blu..kamu masi tak tergantikan, tapi yang ini lebih penting loo *alesan hihi*

    @ c wil
    err err… anoo….errr… ini bukan hp ci wil.. just a player with plus plus features gituh

    @ rika
    mari mari diliat, sekali pegang serebu yak 😛
    * lumayan ya kalo bisa dibisnisin hahah *

    kalo balikin, serebunya dibalikin lagi kok 😀

  7. wah.. finally sampe juga 😀 hehe…
    itu map nya kok kayaknya berlibet2 yah.. *gw afal lho jalur subway disini, jadi ga perlu map =)) wekekkee.. => cuma 3 jalur Y_Y

    so kualitas suara, video, batre, earphone bawaan nya di review donk…. 😛

  8. @ anung
    hehehe… abis kan warnanya black shinning gitu hihihi
    ga papa de…pan dia bakalan banyak bantu 😛 guguk bisa buat ngeguide orang hihihi
    trus bisa diajak maen juga :p bisa menghibur haha

    @ av
    hahaha lah 8 line…ribettt…1 line bisa cabang 2 pula…
    hoho so far so gooooood 😛 batere juga kuat tu.. :p gua pake terus2an 2 hari hihihi… lepas earphone di komp, lanjut nge-blacky, bobo juga hahaha
    * kudu dikurangin ni frekuensina 😛 *

  9. tataaaaaaaaaaaa chayangggggggg….
    muach muach muachh…
    kangen ma dikau…

    hohohoh.. keren bener yaa gadgetnyaa…
    dohh..ngiri dah… hihihi..

    muach muach muachhh lagi….

  10. @ lit
    akhirnyaaaaa ada kehidupan di sana…
    lit dikau hibernasinya lama amir 😛

    haha iya lit…keren lit… n update info, sekarang headsetnya da bisa…
    hohoho senangna hatiku 😛

    @ om riep
    Huahuaua.. belon nemu om 😛
    jadi pacaran ama blacky dulu de 😛

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