Habit..Dont wanna be

Hmmm time flies huh…i’ve been 3 months + 2days in here..
Many things I found and did… include some of the culture in here

In my first week I invited to join scary lab (which is 98% Korean) mates to have dinner…
* it’s common in here,  in some special days we’re going to have dinner with labmates and also our adviser, so not young people only wokeh ^^*

So that was the first time for me to drink Soju (korean traditional drink).. which has 19.5% of alcohol
Taste??? hmmm bitter taste… but i still can handle it…only 3 or 4 small glass (sloki englishnya apa ya :p)

And after the dinner, usually Korean will go to 호프 (Hopeu, means : Korea’s version of the beer pub) or 노래방 (Noraebang, means : karaoke, 노래 is singing 방 is a room)..
in my case, i’ve never been to 노래방

soo we went to the 호프.. (different condition with indo lo.. don’t imagine crowded bar with spot lamps here and there), it’s like a meeting place, lot of people talk and drink inside…
Plus nyummy side dishes ^^ (i like the side dishes the most :p)

We had some 맥주 (read: MaekJu, mean : beer) I forgot the exact brand, there are 3 famous beer in here, those are Cass, Hite and OB (source from Wiki), if i’m not mistaken we had Hite.
The alcohol percentage of these beers is around 6.9%

Sooo… compared with Soju, it’s nothing 😛
And here’s the first time I had “One Shot” (a challenge to down your glass in one gulp) for a beer..xixiix…


And yesterday was Teachers Day in Seoul. So, we had dinner together, pluss some alumni came too..

Actually, at first i didn’t want to go… WHY???
Because I was afraid 😦 .. poor me huh… still afraid with this language barrier…

We had a great time.. (it’s gonna be so stupid if i missed yesterday dinner 🙂 ) much much better than our previous dinner (in my opinion), at least i was more relax than before…
thnx friends for the good time 😀

And.. I could do “one shot” for soju xixii… yeah..getting better in this thing to 😛 (bad tata [-x)
I just had 3 or 4 glasses…cos i remember my first drunk 😛 n I don’t wanna that happen again 😀

And after the dinner, as usual we went to 호프 (HoPeu)…

In here, we gave our adviser a present..and the present was.. Chivas Regal Royal Salute..
At first i didn’t know what’s that…
Until i drank it..

* Glek *

Felt like my throat burnt out… yaiks… what’s it???
I did sure it must have a high percentage of alcohol

After one gulp… i took side dishes, fruits (melon tasted sooo delicious in this time :p) … huaa…soooo hot.. even MaekJu really helpful in this condition 😛

Then today i tried to find out what is it… Soooo it’s Scotch Whiskey huh..
and the alcohol percentage must be more than 40%… Geee..Crazy… huh…

Why more than 40%??
Cos based on this site it’s written that :

To be called Scotch whisky the spirit must conform to the standards of the Scotch Whisky Order of 1990, which clarified the Scotch Whisky Act of 1988, and mandates that the spirit,
1. Must be distilled at a Scottish distillery from water and malted barley, to which only other whole grains may be added, have been processed at that distillery into a mash, converted to a fermentable substrate only by endogenous enzyme systems, and fermented only by the addition of yeast,
2. Must be distilled to an alcoholic strength of less than 94.8 percent by volume so that it retains the flavor of the raw materials used in its production,
3. Must be matured in Scotland in oak casks for not less than three years,
4. Must not contain any added substance other than water and caramel coloring, and
5. May not be bottled at less than 40 percent alcohol by volume.

Soo that’s what is called whiskey huh…Dun like it :p


Well yeah i hope this culture won’t be a habit for me..
* count it as a time buat bunuh cacing di perut ^^ – hihiih that’s what my mom said :p *


6 thoughts on “Habit..Dont wanna be

  1. perasaan soju kek sake enggak ada rasa na dech hahaha…
    klo boss pulang dari korea, biasa na di bawain, dan g pasti di kasih soalnya termasuk yang suka minuman alkohol ^^

    *bukan pemabuk yah?!! *

    HanBok g gemana ?!

  2. @ c ceemot
    ooo gitu ya, kirain slot identik ama tegukan 😛

    @ ci pit
    Hoho…na itu dia ci… tapi kok sampe saat ini ngerasa itu ga enak yak 😦 pait n panesss…

    @ pitshu
    haha iya pit…pait2 gajebo… enakan soju yang berasa stroberi dkk wekeke.. *lah teuteup judulnya masi soju yak :P*
    HanBok u ada di toko tu wekekkee…
    yakin mo titip pit? mahal euy, bisa start dari 50rebuan amoe tak terhingga gitu katanya
    * atau mungkin ada referensi dari bos u hanbok murah gitu?*

    @ ci wil
    Hoooooo..ternyata ci willlll
    Ayo ci wil mari kita “belajar” yang giat… huahuahuaua..
    * parah deee… :p *

    @ ci viol
    Huahuauha…belajar minum wekekekeke
    pan itu masup dalam tahap belajar juga ci 😛

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