After this thing just remember san’s post… yeah..she’s not alone that deal with this prob 😦
wo ye lao le ma??

Though not as danger as her (cos it’s related with CC) It’s quite often that i just suddenly forget where i put my things..

Let say, it’s quite often….when i want to go back to dorm from lab…
i put my mobile in my pocket or bag…
then close some applications in comp… shut down…
time to go back..

But… forget where did i put my mobile, so spare time to search it..
yeah..lil things…but i need to fix on it 😦

Yeah.. i still can tolerate that laaa… ( pembelaan diri ^^) cos just put a thing…one small thing… then forgot..

but today 😦

Ok, here’s the story.

Just back from lab.. n i was out of water… but i also want to change my clothes after this tiring week..
So I planned to fill up the water, then change to clothes for sleep..

But.. after i changed my clothes… just right after from the bathroom…
Just remember that I haven’t fill the water jar 😦

“Hiya… again n again ??!?!?! I’ve planned it well, but still forgot to do it, n now i should go with sleeping clothes…Hiya when will u change tata… “ yeah..that’s what i said to my self… cos sometime I fed up to my self for being so forgetful…then start to complain to my self..

BUT…after complaining me…when i sat down in my chair, get ready to go out

Ooopss…. the water jar was full…
Heee?!?!?! when did i fill it up???

I tried to remember it..then… aaaaaa (korean style when we just suddenly remember on something ^^)….I already did it before i changed my clothes looo…

Just wondering…how could i forget that such a thing!??!?!? It’s not only put a thing in some place… But it involves my self to take the water jar, walk out of my room (even i checked my room to make sure it’s not locked), then fill up the water jar… wait till it full…then back..then change my clothes

OMG… it’s a series of things… i forgot it in just couple of minutes!!!?!?!!?
if it’s just one action, i still ok la.. but this 😦 hixx…. wo zhen de lao le ma???
Aaaarrghhh… 진짜 건망증이 심해요 😦 (though at least finally i can remember that long word ^^…)

Huff…wish this thing getting better n not happen quite often..

Time to sleep…


3 thoughts on “Forgetful

  1. Does “blacky” can perform as an organizer or reminder??? That would be another useful thing that he can do.

    Anyway, i have this info that a pig can only store memory for one second. Not sure about that, but hey there are worse species out there. Hehehe no offense….peace…

  2. sometimes it can be like illusion..
    di bawah sadar gitu, kalao sudah dilakuin, padahal blom.. atau sebaliknya..
    iya pake blackie tuh Ta.. tp ribet jg ya kalau hal kecil semua harus dibikin reminder.. he he

  3. @ learnerForever
    Unfortunately it can’t 😦 cos it’s a player plus plus 😀
    Huaa… no loo..not same with piggy.. * tapi lebih parah yak :p*
    Hwaitingggg…. dun wanna this happen again

    @ ci wil
    iyah 😦 gimana si cara benerinnya ci wil 😦
    blacky kl alarm doang bisa si.. cuma ya itu..repot hihi

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