Wait for the 10


Yeah.. I’m waiting for the June 10th… it’s the day when the money will come again huahuahua… I’m out of money now…

I’ll be back next month ^o^ yey…

Bye bye to 740,000Won… but hello to my ticket (though it’s still in my friend’s place, but at least i got it)

Huff…after waiting for about 1 month…think here and there… reserved some tickets to be on the safe side…
There were some options..
– go with ThaiAir, but I have to spend a night for transit there :(.. the price.. err… around 700,000 too, basic price was around 500,000 (if i’m not mistaken)… But how will i be..alone in Thai at night… Huiiiii.. :-ss
– go with JapanAir… hohoho…actually i was sooo tempted with it, cos the basic price is not to much different, i think around 600,000 plusss..18 hours of transit.. *Suddenly ci wil n wina splashed on my mind* ^^
But…. *click click* until the final price… OMG… the tax was around 500,000… sooo..bye bye Jap jap… 😦 (Hiyaa what make the tax soo expensive loooo… * mumbling*)

And finally with the help of my friend, I got this ticket…
June 24th ICN – DPS – JKT
June 30th JKT – DPS – ICN
Yihaaaa…. 4hours transit in DPS…

But i don’t know about the transit thing… (anybody has experience on it?)
I mean, when we transit in one place, can we go out of the airport for a while (to meet my fam of course ^^) and our luggage… will it be out from the baggage, so we should re-check in??

Clueless about it… but i’ll try to ask Garu*a’s office in here… After 10.. cos out of pulsa hihi…

Err…actually i’m not as bankrupt as it is..what is left enough till 10 (unless i buy lot of snacks and ehm ehm…dress hahaha..cos last week i just bought a sweater for 1,000won huahuahua-but it’s lil bit too big for me..but not bad for 1000 xixix… for sleep ok la ^^)..
I have to save some money till 10 loo.. or i will be really bankrupt ^^

Huff..can’t wait for June 10th, also means i have to catch up with all the assignments 😦 cos some deadlines before that date too… (this is the thing that i dun like…)

Anyway… time to tight up the belt 😀
(and also exercise xixixiix…one month left..target : x kgs xixixix..파이팅 ^^)


9 thoughts on “Wait for the 10

  1. Waaa Tata bntr lg balik Indo yaa.. ^^
    Hmm kalu transit kynya ndak bs kluar airport deh, eh tp transitnya kan di DPS ya? hmm.. mgkn boleh kali ya, kan udh di Indo, hihi.. trs klo bagasi hrsnya sih tetep di pesawat sono, jd klo ganti pesawat ya otomatis ditransfer tuh bagasi ke pesawat berikutnya, gitchuu..

  2. helo, mau bantuin ngasih tau…
    kalo transit, bagasi gak keluar kok. jadi gak perlu ribet ngambil dan check in bagasi lagi. tapi barang2 yang hand carry harus dikeluarin dari cabin. gak boleh ditinggal.

    tentang orangnya boleh keluar atau gak, gua gak yakin 100%. tapi kalo pake passport indo dan transitnya di indo,harusnya sih boleh ya…

  3. setauku si boleh pilih bagasi mo keluar apa ga.. pas check in bilang aja, bagasi mo langsung JKT apa dikeluarin di DPS juga. klo ga salah inget gitu deh..

    4 jam itu ga berasa si Ta..
    mending di Airport aja, ato klo ga, ortu yang suru ke Airport, ketemu di sana aja 😀

  4. IYa ternyata karena taxnya seharga langit itu toh? ha ha.. yah padahal dah mao nitip nori-seaweed Korea yg asin2 kruyuk2 gitu.. ha ha..

    Lama juga ya transitnya, mungkin beda dari Korea.. pas aku balek, ga selama itu sih, naek Garuda juga. Boleh keluar kok, tapi sama kaya ceemot, itu ga berasa, mending ketemuan di bandara aja.
    Bagasi ga perlu repot2 diangkut lagi, handcarry dibawa aja.. ^^
    Have a nice safe trip ya ntar..

  5. @ all
    thnx buat infona yaaak…
    semoga bagasi ga kudu dikeluar2in lagi 🙂 n bole keluar bandara 😀

    @ ci pit
    ini sih sama sama GA, tapi beda flight number…

    @ arman
    salam kenall ^^
    Hmm iya yah..sama sama indo kudunya ga aneh aneh yak.. ^^

    @ san
    iyah..plannya fam yang nyamper si hihi..mana tauuu gitu bisa mampir ke discovery-kuta bentar hihihi… setor muka ama pantai gitu 😛

    @ ci wil
    hahaha… iya euy nori di sini enakkk…dulu di indo ga gitu demen, eh sekarang jadi demen 😛 *malah digadoin =))*

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