Knock knock

Hmm.. less than one month again… ^^
in these days.. somehow i tried to change my point of view…

Yups.. lot of things still have to be done in till next month (before i go back) hmm like one more presentation in scary lab meeting, Algebra FINAL EXAM :-ss, this confusing homework with all notations that soo hard to be understood… plus there will be final test for Korean language too … ow..also the traditional dance…
And all of them will be done in less than one month

Pessimist tata:

Hix.. am i able to pass it all… in less than 1 month 😦
Why so many things have to be done? Will i make it good ? 😦 ..

Optimist tata:

After all of it…thenn… you can meet your fam taa…
Attending bro’s wed (precisely 30days again:D)..
G… to remember that event really push up my spirit again πŸ˜€
Do your best ta, so you can attend his wed without any burden because of unfinished things…
μ•„μž μ•„μž ν™”μ΄νŒ…!!!

Actually to change the point of view is not easy, especially when so many things have to be done… and also not so hard anyway ^^ (nothing is impossible rite??)

I heard some audio books to support me…found out happy songs for encouragement too..

Then in one of the audio book, i heard some points that knocked me…just realized me..and may be i’m in that position too :P..

Hmmm the point is…wherever you are, whatever do you feel, the way back to Him, always give you peace anytime, anywhere… and never stop to give thank whatever it is.
He is just as far as you wish to…
anyway… let me share it πŸ˜€

It’s easy to praise when everything is fine
but circumstances always changing

He promise that he will never forsake you nor leave you
but never promise you’ll always feel His presence

Sometime He let you feel like He is hiding away.. unreachable
it means he still love you and miss you… may be you’ve been too far from Him

Keep praising in spite of your pain
Keep thanking during the trial
Keep trusting when you feel like being tempted
Keep surrendering when you’re suffering
and keep loving when He seems distance

Somehow those words knock my heart…
ta..where have you’ve been so far… sank in all of your daily routine, assignments and others..
Busy is the biggest problem in relationship i think.. ^^

Time to do the homework again ^^
Never give up n keep giving my best for Him that’s all that I have to do…

ν™”μ΄νŒ… ^o^


4 thoughts on “Knock knock

  1. @ ci viol
    haik…aza aza fighting ^^

    @ c ceemot
    huahuaua… waduh.. serem yak terkesan melarikan diri..
    ga looo… cuma kelamaan jalanΒ² di luar rumah =))
    * nah loo apa bedanya :p *
    Home sweet home de emang πŸ˜€
    *kudu ngalamin kerja di kandang dulu yak, biar tau home sweet home :p*

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