1 case = 3 hours??

Hmm today was great… it can be count as a productive day ^^ cos i spend most of the time to study (cieee :p) n blogging hahahha

ok.. in the morning i tried to read a paper (to prepare the slide for monday) then after having a free lunch in dorm (yeah…tight up the belt ta :p) just simple lunch… rice + luncheon + egg, i started to renote the Korean lesson… till evening.. n i did enjoy it ^^

couple of hours before the dinner… i started to see the homeworks (the lovely algebra huh :p)… then went for dinner…

around 8… start to do it again…

and 1 case has finished just now…


this is the case that already discussed in the class with the lecture… and even for that he spent around 2 hours to solve it.. hiyaa…. and to understand totally 90% of it need around 3 hours … huiiii…

and there are still 7 cases again hahahha…. plus the last case is code in matLab that i never done before….

Yihaaa…. i wish i dont see this homework in my dream tonite ^^

what a big challenge wait me huh… ^^

아자 아자 화이팅 !!!!

(current time : 12:01am…time to go back to dorm hihihi…)


5 thoughts on “1 case = 3 hours??

  1. hm.. good girl! hihi, btw, 1 case = 3 hours, 7 cases = .. 21 hours, so in the next two days u’ll finish all!! yihaaa!! huehue.. tetap semangat ya ^^

  2. @ anung
    hahah iya dong nung..
    (demi lulus matakuliah iniiii :D)

    @ ci wil
    Iyah…azaaaa…. ganbarimasu ^^

    @ ci pit
    huaa.a..21hours yak..minus bobo, minus tugas laen..
    (alamat ga jalan2 minggu ini haha)
    Huaa… kudu cepetin cara kerja neh…minimize happy happy time dulu de…
    hwait’ing ^^

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