Blessed Day

Hihih..seems like I’m in the mood to write today…anyway i’m still awake… * i think it’s because of the coffee.. haiya.. in the need time, it didn’t show its effect, but now it shows its power.. ^^ *

anyway.. yeah.. 나 생각해.. 내 생명은 날씨처럼.. 오락가락하고 있어요.. especially in these days..
(hihi meaning of the sapu lidi : i think my life is like a weather.. it’s back n forth.. or something like rain off n on… Thnx to 혜영 for the new word ^^)

왜? (why?)

after several days felt so worry anxious n unsure, but those times that make me up again..
somehow so many thoughts flying in my head….
n thnk G it’s a positive thoughts ^^ otherwise i might not post some new thoughts ^^

When i started to change my point of view…
slowly but sure felt so happy…
plus couple of things that other might think it’s small,
but to me it’s a precious thing ^^

N finally i went to the gym again yest ^^ hihi…one month to go huh :p


In the morning i received an encouraging msg from 혜영 (Hae Young)
n then when i wanted to go to the lab 아저씨 (read : ajussi, means kinda of uncle – a call to a man in here) called me…and i received my first post in here ^^


xixixi sooo happy ^^ yup yesterday 혜영 said she already sent the photos when we went out together to 인사동 n ^^ 내 부모님 한테 이사진들을 알려줄게

hohho and when i opened it, it’s not just photos inside it…

– 2 chocos *nyummy*
– 1 book (hoho korean book, meansss gotta learn to understand it) 제가 잘 읽겠습니다 ^^
– a letter..

Hmmm for some people might be small thing..but to’s a precious one ^^ to have a new friend then keep in touch.. And it’s a great thing when we can share too..
Soo..혜영아..I’d like to thank you ^^ somehow you cheer up the morning ^^

And then I continued my slide preparation….

Had a nyummy lunch..and in my way back to lab, finally I captured those wild rose..
G…in these days..rose blooms everywhere…n they are so big..

Yeah i know..i should have taken the pic earlier when more flower bloomed.. but not in the mood to take a pic couple of days ago ^ ^

Actually since a week ago i always pray for a help to focus on whenever i do my assignment…

cos dunno why, kinda hard for me to concentrate in one thing for a long hours..

After the lunch finally i succeed to renote my Korean lesson *yippi*… hihi so happy..and i always enjoy this thing… writing 한글 then try my best to memorize (어렵지만 재미있어요 ^^ )

Lil bit sleepy in a dangerous time ^^ around 4pm… that the hardest time in a day…soooo sleepy everyday :p
but suddenly lab mate came and said : “do you like chicken?”
and of course me n kak icha said “yes” hihihi..since we do like chicken…
Then we had a “snack” with a fried chicken n BBQ boneless chicken… nyummy…맵지만 맛있어요 ^^ and this thing of course wake me up from the sleepy time ^^…

Then i started to see my crazy unsolveable lovely assignment
Then finally finish 1 case…
* for me it’s a great thing looo…. *
can’t wait to solve the other cases ^o^

And when i went back from lab to dorm.. i met one of my lab mate…so we walked together ^^
chat a bit…but to me it’s precious one…cos it’s a time to practice some sentences with her ^^ though we still talk majority in english (of course laa :p) but I’ll try my best..may be someday we can chat in Korean hihi (wish…or at least I can understand what you say)

Some points might be small n simple, but those things make my day so great ^^
For so many bless for today.. 감사합니다 ^^

and tomorrow, i’ll have a meeting with my lab mates, and it will be very interesting (if there’s no changed schedule ^^)
Cos I’m going to try to interact with the TableTop… yihaaaa 😛 Let see how will it be…
*dun wanna put too much hope on it to :P*

마지막에 안녕…잘자요 ^^


2 thoughts on “Blessed Day

  1. Wah, what a nice friend you have there.. well, it’s rare to see native people who have willingness to interact closely with ‘outsiders’ like us, hehe.. i think..

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