Plus 3.5

Huff…report of the day..

First time to spend weekend like this i think ^^

woke up at 11.50am =))… but finally we could note “Yapong” movements completely (hiya.. 3 weeks again to Nami Island ^^)…

woke up.. cooked cooked… washed washed the clothes (of course with washing machine :p) and then the day finally started at 3pm :p… and the next is…..

Go to lovely Lab… with Pringles, Coffee and Chocos… * full throttle ^^*
(just like in Jkt…lab is just like the 2nd home huh… ga di jkt ga di sini…teuteup nongkrongnya di lab :|)

Still think about the homework.. 7 case still undone 😦 but also have to prepare for the lab meeting (gonna be my first presentation in that meeting :-s)
soo.. between sleepy and confuse which one should i do the first…

the answer is… calling lovely home… to wake me up ^^
to listen mom n dad’s voice always give additional strength to me..
And finally chose to do the presentation first… at least want to fix it up.. so i could focus to the homework

tak tik tuk… type type…

opps…. called bi*us to greet my son’s bday =))… * hepi b day ya BuYu *
it cheered me up again…. at least not sleepy 😀

and finally the slide was done by +8.30pm… so it’s time to start the homework…
browse browse here and there about the topic of the homework..
* still hard not easy to understand those notations 😦 *

as the time goes, some cases were done… thnx to Juanda too for the matLab tutorial..gotta read it tmrw.. huff…

and here i am.. 2:12am still @ Lab
BUT… 3.5 cases are done ^^…. yipiiii…
means 4.5 from 8 cases…. 3.5 left... (but the number 8 is coding with MatLab and it has 6 sub-cases [from a to f] … :(( )
clueless bout MatLab in here… anybody can help ^^… playing with interpolation in rotation mtx, euler angles, quaternions…

Oppss…today’s dinner is replaced with pringi + chocos + coffe ^^ (calories oh calories)

tik tak tik tuk…
time is ticking… and it’s time to go back to lovely dorm..and sleep… ^^



3 thoughts on “Plus 3.5

  1. duh duh, gak nginep skalian aja Ta di lab? 😀
    hueee syerem, syerem, matematiks bangeets..
    gut luck ya buat presentasi nya, jg buat 3.5 cases lg yg menanti utk dihajar, eh, dikerjakeun 😛

  2. hebatt tata, hajar bleh tinggal dikiddd.. 😛
    Jia you ya buat presentasinya besokk..
    Enak ya lab deket ama dorm, disini boro2.. keretanya dah ga ada, tinggal nginep doank dhe.. ha ha..

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