Algebra oh Algebra

still continuing the last post…’s all bout the homework..

o ya.. the presentation that planned last week (G…a week already passed huh).. was postponed..dunno till when.. cos suddenly there were so many lab members did the presentation… so… * may be i was forgotten * .. yeah..used to be like that…xixixi…


about the homework, at first it supposed to be sent on Wed, but one of the student had to go for military service.. so it was postponed till Today wekeke…  I was sooo blessed to have friends that i could ask to.. and luckily they took mathematics for their major n phd (G..wondering….)

curious bout the homework?? hmmm for those who want to see… just click it ^^ may be you want to try to solve it… ^^..

huff…and because of that i woke up so late today ^^….
guess whatt…. i woke up 10.03am =))… n suddenly got up… n rushed to go to lab..
* scary lab meeting usually on 10.30am *….
10.27am arrived and then my friend said…”lab meeting will be on 4pm….휴 (read : hyu) * wekekek…

lack of sleep in here…let’s try to review it for a while…

Monday :

7pm had Korean class as usual..after that discuss with Rus bout the homework for a while
then try to continue as far as i could… * fall asleep dunno what time😦 *
* still think that homework had to be done on Wed *

Tuesday :

still filled my day with the homework…some progress shown… few numbers solved
after had sushi for dinner.. * sorry paksanim… i can’t finish it all…i dun like raw fish 😦 *
then went back to lab around 8 or 9pm ..xixixi.. for???? of course..homework 😀
and…what time went did we (with kak icha, thnx G i wasn’t alone hihi…) arrive in dorm??? 4am =))… crazyyyy…

Wednesday :

* finally got info homework has to be sent on Monday…fyuhhh *
soo happy to get ideas to solve the case
* though still undone, but so glad i could understand what the case is…and also what i noted in my notebook =)) * at least i started to know some notations 😛
aaa… went back late cos started to go for badminton rehearsal @ SFS, Sinchon…arrived around 11pm
tried to do the homework but…fall asleep again

Thursday :

tik tak tik tuk with the homework during the day
* stresssssss * what’s in my head just rotation, sleep slerp, lemper lerp, pringles =))
it’s already 4 empty tubes of pringy in here :(… * bad tataaaa [-x *
but to pay that i did exercise looo :P..went to the gym..and had just treadmill… till i got sweat 😀
why just treadmill???
cos i did it with watching movie =))… sooo..watching while exercising really helpful ^^ 50mins of treadmill??? * hajarrrrr 😀 pilemnya seru… though i couldn’t understand 100% 😛 at least got the point la *

count it as learning language too loo :D… see how multitasking was it 😀
exercising – watching – learning language… * manthapppp *

after that still try to do homework but at my room till fall asleep dunno what time again 😦

Friday : (holiday ^^ day in here)

* free homework day *
Cos of stressful.. sooo i went for refreshing with friends ^^
5pm : attended my friend’s open house
7pm : went to embassy… * pong yapong yapong ning nang ning nung *
went back almost 12. fyuhhh…

Saturday :

Tadaaa….woke up late 😦 … prepared for a quick lunch and spared it for dinner…
and day just begun at 1pm ^^ …went to lab.. and…did homework (again 😦 )… i brought my dinner to lab 😀

tak tik tuk tik tak…

asked here and there…
coffee coffee n coffee… and the result was… 1.25 left.. * yihaaa *
the last number really crazy…. it’s bout matlab.. but not only that…why don’t u try to see it ^^ to me it’s difficult… how to to interpolation in matrix haiya haiya….

5am went back to dorm…waaa..the sun said hello…
and it’s time to sleep..cosss…gotta go to church loooo…

Sunday :

I was late again 😦 * sorry kak *.. so i arrived 10.30am @ church -supposed to be before 10am for english class- hmmm i slept in subway hihihi..took all the spare time to sleep 😀

did this and that… had early nyummy dinner with church’s friends… then went back..
7.30pm had salsa class *sorry for the late :(..supposed to be 7pm*
and the day (againnn..for homework) just started at 9pm…(went to lab).. tik tak tik tuk… finally….. 1 – 7 were doneeeeee…. hiyaaa…sooo happy… (dunno is it correct or no..but at least i tried to answer it la…)
then went back to dorm at 3am wonder i woke up late this morning ^^
fyuuuhh…3 days fall asleep, 1 day free from homework.. and 3 days stay up all night..
in this case…pringles n coffee were really helpful 😛 (now it became 5 empty tubes :D)

time to sleep now…cos tmrw I will try my best to buy more pringy do the last number…
matlab….come to mamaaaa =))

* crazy mode on *


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