Bucheon Fantastic Studio

yup..went there on Friday in the middle of algebra time i decided to take a break this day.

I went to Bucheon Fantastic Studios in GyeongGi-Do..if u ever seen TaeGukGi film…this is the place where they made it. And some other films that i don’t know too πŸ˜›

full photos are in here for the buildings n the place only and here if you miss me wekekek (sok beken ajah :p)

First take the subway till Songnae station (line 1) then take a bus to the studio..
and if we ask the people around there (the subway station) don’t be surprised…they don’t know it xixixi..
* yeah..foreigner used to know more about tourism place than the local right… – the same thing like when i was in bali lo πŸ˜› – *

soo…just take a bus 5-2 or 90…then tell the driver that you want to go to the studio.. just said Bucheon Fantastic Studio.. ( λΆ€μ²œ νŒνƒ€μŠ€ν‹± μŠ€νŠœλ””μ˜€ )…
like in our case, the driver told us where should we get off the bus..cos i’ve tried to see the bus map, it is not written explicitly there…just the Aiins World that’s written there..the studio is before the Aiins World Park..

Fee is just 3000won, plus transportation (subway + bus) let’s count it 3000won too la..
plus lunch..aa…there’s no restaurant nor cafe inside the studio…so better have your meal before or you can take it after.

About the studio..

in my opinion, it has a unique setting… cos it represents korea in the past.. and better go earlier, so it won’t be too crowded.. so you can take the picture better wekekek πŸ˜€

Across the studio there’s a park that filled with flowers… (dunno will it be all season or just our luck)

N once more suggestion, if you have more time, try to visit Aiins too…it’s quite near from there..
But in our case, we couldn’t visit Aiins cos there’s a thing to do πŸ™‚ … so… can’t wait for the Aiins next time πŸ™‚


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