How I love the 10

xixixi…couple of days ago i wrote this…and is the 10 ^^

Yeah..finally i reach this day…but I’m sooo happy not only because of that (finally i can breath again hihi) but also…because of my lovely algebra wekekkee

Finally come out of nowhere…
I did a code in Ma*Lab huaua.. * i don’t even imagine i’ll do that :p *
tak tik here and there…to solve the last case..

and tada….

Isn’t is beautiful huahuahuahua… * see how crazy i am..even those lines become so beautiful *

Those linesss…. finally… those lines were there… wekekekek…

Well, i don’t know is it correct or not… but at least… I’ve tried to do it.. (dengan sepenuh jiwa

dan raga de :p)

ebooks were really helpful …
if it’s wrong..well yeah…let’s try to fix it later ^^

Fyuhh…thnx a lot to my friends ^^
this thing makes “the 10” become better… xixixi..

Oooitttss…it’s not the end… tomorrow is the last class…which means… next week is the FINAL 😦 * 무서워요…*

Thnx least i can sleep well tonite… though i haven’t prepare for tomorrow’s class..wish i wont be sleepy ^^

아자 아자 화이팅 타타 ^^….
* time to go back to dorm… yey…not 12 yet =)) *

* updated June 11th *

Yup…i did revision hihihi.. * not a thing that i use to do for homework ^^ * but after saw other’s result, looks like mine not very good, and i just understand what’s wrong with my graph…
so i did the revision…and tadaaa… here come the more beautiful graph wekekeke


6 thoughts on “How I love the 10

  1. coba minta Pak Tong yang menilai Ta ?

    apakah benar “Indah” ?? 😀

    eh Ta, baru kepikir, kenapa ga tanya Henny aja soal MatL*b, kayanya dia tau tuh..

  2. @ ci pit
    wekekke saking abstraknya ya ci 😛

    @ anung
    wah betul nungg…tebakan anda betull..daku buatnya sambil setengah sadar, jadi arwah jaman dulunya keluar =))

    @ wenny
    wekekeke makasiii..salam kenal juga ^^
    wahh fansnya ma*lab ya… wekeke ada referensi baru ne 😛

    @ c ceemot
    wa c hen tau yaa…tau gituuu 😀
    hmm jangan ci..ntar kalo kasi unjuk mr.tong, ntar kaget lagi, ntar aku direkrut buat tim bangun2 itu kemayoran kan repot =))
    * gelooo ini mah 😛 *

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